Book Review – Like the Radiant Sun: A Novel by Anu Kay Is being featured at The Literature Today Magazine Vol 2, Issue 3

A plot that is a mixture of mystery, suspense, thriller, and mythology is probably the accurate mix of creating a novel that is bound to keep the readers glued to it till the end. This mixture when added in the right amounts creates a world that is exciting, unforgettable, and keeps the readers on their toes. This feature is found in Anu Kay’s “Like the Radiant Sun: A Novel.” While the novel features the above mentioned features, it also showcases a world that is born from the existing world and takes swings into different worlds. At the same time, the presence of powerful characters on the canvas gives the novel a life that is irreplaceable. While it is a book that for once seems to be the product of the elements of mythology, it also has impressions of the present-day world that keep the book grounded and connected to the present-day scenario. It also ensures that the readers are not drifted into a different world altogether.

Spread over about 200 pages “Like the Radiant Sun” keeps the readers entertained from the beginning. The author utilizes the tool of flashback and looks back at life in a smooth manner. The readers are interested instantly when they hear the tale through the words of a ninety-nine-year-old. They go back to the times in their childhood when they would have heard tales from their grandparents. At the same time, the book features frequent shifts in time, mood, and narrative which keeps the readers engrossed in the story throughout. As the book proceeds, the author uses different tools at her disposal to carve a text that seems to be out of the world and yet, a part of it. The mysteries that surround the character of Rohan baffle and make the readers wonder about how things are happening. They become subconscious investigators in the action and get involved in the unraveling of all that is happening before them.

Marma Kala is the gateway to the ancient world which acts as a tool to transport the readers into a world that features layers of meaning and deciphering. The time to time mythological allusions add to the attraction of the novel and make it interesting and engaging. The references also teach the readers many things about the Hindu religion and highlight the research work done by the author before writing “Like the Radiant Sun.” Simultaneously, Kay’s construction of characters is precise, clear, and focused. They are clearly cut out for their respective roles and do not require the author to come and take control. The absence of the author gives the characters the freedom to grow, develop, evolve and show the different shades of their personality. They showcase their feelings and thoughts in a realistic manner which gives their personalities the required human touches.

The action in “Like the Radiant Sun” is a factor that would attract the readers. The story does not have unnecessary diversions to distract the readers. Instead, it has details that are significant and can’t be ignored. The presence of limited characters also facilitates the quick development of the plot and keeps the suspense till the right time. It makes the readers wait but the excitement levels raised by it are enough to keep the readers glued to the book throughout.

Likewise, the language used by the author “Like the Radiant Sun” is refined, simple, and easy to understand for all readers. It is due to this and other reasons like the presence of mystery and thrill that the novel would become an instant attraction for readers who enjoy reading fiction. Even though the book is fiction, the realistic touches make it seem like a work that is inspired by reality and is close to life. This is further added by the presence of lively characters. The novel can also be read by people who read non-fiction due to the realistic touches of the author. At the same time, the length of the book is another attraction. Anu Kay’s book is around 200 pages which feature the swift development of action and is packed with twists and turns that keep the readers on their toes for the next unraveling. While this keeps the readers alert and engrossed, it also raises the possibility of their finishing the book at a quick pace.

This book is recommended to people of all age groups and from all walks of life. “Like the Radiant Sun” by Anu Kay does not restrict itself to any particular age of class and has the potential to appeal to different people at the same time. At the same time, it is also likely to be recommended by people in their friend circles or their family members to visit the world that has been created in the novel.

About The Author – Anu Kay started her writing journey with her debut novel, Like the Radiant Sun. She writes about her life and the moments that matter to her. She also takes interest in writing about history, human existence, secrets and mysteries of our world. Writing gives her hope to continue, in her own words. Anu Kay has studied creative writing and journalism at the University of Stuttgart, Germany. Before she started writing, she worked as a software developer and analyst for various companies. Anu was born in Bangalore, India. She has lived in several places in the Middle East and Europe and currently resides in Germany. Below is an interview with Anu Kay on the successful run of her debut novel, Like the Radiant Sun.

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