Artificial intelligence, data science, and design thinking courses will be offered in schools by the CBSE.

In line with the National Education Policy, 2020, the CBSE will shortly begin teaching classes on topics like artificial intelligence, data science, design thinking, holistic health, organic living, environmental education, global citizenship education (GCED), and many more. These topics are extremely relevant today. Introduction of such subjects early in students’ learning journeys will keep them current with the change as we transition to an AI and data-driven world. The Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program and CBSE worked together to take the step.

For grades 9 through 12, the Central Board of Secondary Education plans to launch a Data Science course. For classes 8 and up, the course will take the shape of a 12-hour skill module. The central board has mandated that schools incorporate 21st century skills into the instructional approach and curriculum. A handbook on 21st century abilities for teachers has also been created. Adolescent Peer Educators Leadership Program has been run by CBSE to give pupils important life skills. In accordance with NCERT’s recommendations, it has revised the syllabus and lessened the content in an attempt to lighten the curriculum.

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