An Exclusive Interview With Aryan Chaudhary Author Of 4 Best Selling Published Books.

About Aryan Chaudhary – Aryan Chaudhary is the BEST SELLING PUBLISHED author of 4 long-awaited popular books based on his transformational real-life experiences. His last book “Money Mining Habits” become the best seller on the launch day. Aryan Chaudhary is passionate about the financial transformation of individuals & businesses through “Financial Freedom Marketing” & business growth strategies. A self made, successful, underground serial entrepreneur, an emerging thought leader, trusted financial advisor and mentor to hundreds of private & elite entrepreneurial clients running businesses worldwide. –

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Que: Before we begin with this interview, I would extend a heartfelt congratulation on the publication of “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom.” As interesting as the title sounds, how did you come up with the idea of writing the book?

Aryan Chaudhary: Thank You, Akhila, for having me on the show. Writing is my passion, it comes automatically from within, and the Title ‘’ YOUR LAST STEP TO FAST FINANCIAL FREEDOM’’ is loved by every non-fiction self-help reader. I read & consume about 200+ books every year in a unique way. One day I was at my Pali hill apartment in Mumbai, reading a book on financial freedom. When I was about to finish it, all of a sudden, I got this feeling that ‘’enough is enough’’ these books doesn’t layout a proper plan, doesn’t share the real hidden truth on becoming financially free. It was at that moment I realized that I should write the best book ever on financial freedom based on my own experiences that work for Indian audience! Therefore, I grabbed my notebook and a pen. I wrote this title within a few seconds and the whole process within the next 30 minutes. I recalled my experience from the age of 18 to 34 and shared it through the book. In short, this is how the journey of writing this book started!

Que: Is “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” based on the human desire for quick wealth in this era of speed and quickness?

Aryan Chaudhary: No, but it’ll help you to do that. I believe that show people what they want, what they can achieve, and give them what they truly need!! I believe a strong foundation is all we need to become financially stable and free.

Que: “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” has a catchy and attractive title. How did you come up with it? Or did you have any other titles in mind while writing?

Aryan Chaudhary: It was the first thought. It was like a direct call from my soul. In addition, my publisher also loved it so much, and he didn’t even try to change it. They said everything is so perfect about this book, and we don’t want to change anything. The idea of the title just came within seconds, as I shared earlier.

Que: How easy or difficult was it for you to write in a straightforward manner on a subject as crucial as finance in “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” without making it sound complex?

Aryan Chaudhary: I always like to make things simple for my students, followers, fans, employees, and everybody else. I feel it should be an easy read for a 5th-grade student, so I don’t use blurbs or high-end corporate vocabulary. My purpose is to help readers consume the knowledge, process it step-by-step so that they can achieve their desired results, and lead a happy life. My writing style is based on the KISS method that says KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID!

Que: Apart from “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom,” you have written other books too? Would you like to share a little about them with the readers?

Aryan Chaudhary: Yes, Gladly. I’ve written Money Mining Book that talks about habits, mindset, human belief systems, productivity, and more in a cut-to-cut manner that shows how you can change your financial & social status without wasting your time. It’s about decluttering your mind and adapting to new small habits that can lead you to more wealth. There’re other books too, we’ll talk about them some other time.

Que: “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” clearly redefines one’s approach to earning and success. Do you think this desire to be aware has evolved in the readers in recent times, or has it always been there?

Aryan Chaudhary: It has always been there just think for a moment! Why does someone want to retire? Retirement is also a kind of financial freedom, isn’t it? However, I would say after the Covid crisis, people have become extremely serious about their financial stability issues.

Que: “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” seems to be a combination of your experiences and research work. Which of the two would get more credit, in your opinion?

Aryan Chaudhary: Absolutely Experience, I would say 90% experience and 10% research. However, most of the best-seller books contain 40-90% of research work. In my opinion, research work doesn’t add much value to impact someone’s life. A book must be an outcome of an author’s real-life experience that’s what makes a book a masterpiece.

Que: more projects lined up from your pen? Please share a little about them. “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” would certainly add new readers to your existing readers. Are there?

Aryan Chaudhary: Yes, Absolutely! I’m super excited about this. My next book will be ‘’FINUANCE,’’ and the subtitle would be ’’Let’s Make YOU Filthy Rich & Truly Unshakable in less than 60 months without beating around the bush!’’ It should come out at the end of 2022, I guess!

Que: In today’s time, many books are being written on the subject of finance. How is “Your Last Step to Fast Financial Freedom” different from them?

Aryan Chaudhary: That’s the best question so far, Anything can trend, but what should be really trending? That’s the BIG question!

A ‘’GET RICH QUICK’’ scheme could trend; a flashy & fake lifestyle could trend quickly. However, what should be trending is how to save a little, invest a little, reserve a little, automate a little, help a little, Accumulate a little, earn a little more! Moreover, this book shows you what should be trending through your mind and following in your actions if you want to be financially free and completely independent. The practical things should be in trend, and implementable strategies should be in trend instead of fake & flashy schemes. This book talks about practical stuff, nothing beyond your reach. 

The book is divided into three broader sections called fuel your engine, start your journey and reach your destination. While most of the books talk about the destination only!  If your foundation is weak, your wealth, your money, and your income will be gone in a blink of an eye!

This book talks about a GPS system to reach the destination, You’re lost on the way, the destination has always been there, it doesn’t change! Your chances of financial freedom lie in the GPS and the way you use it, not in the destination! That’s what most people aren’t aware of. A GPS gives you a straight empty highway. That’s why this book is different. While most of the books talk about the leaves or the tree itself, this talk about nurturing the roots first, building the safety walls first, and that makes this book a masterpiece.

Interviewed by Akhila Saroha, The Literature Today!

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