Aakash Ranison, a climate campaigner, will publish “I’m a Climate Optimist” with Penguin.

On April 22, World Earth Day, Penguin Random House India revealed that it had purchased a new nonfiction book on the environment written by climate change activist Aakash Ranison.
The book, titled “I’m a Climate Optimist,” will be published on June 5, which is World Environment Day.

The author’s own attitude and the well-known online handle “Climate Optimist” served as inspiration for the title of the book.

The author of “I’m a Climate Optimist” discusses a variety of industries in his book, including food and beverage, textiles and clothing, transportation, tourism and hospitality, digital and technology, home and household products, beauty and cosmetics, and plastic and packaging, according to the publisher. He also shares his nine-year journey of experiments and experiences with living a sustainable life. Case studies, information, solutions, and resources tailored to the Indian context are also included in the book.

Over 100 Indian companies operating in the sustainable alternative sector are highlighted in the book. According to the publisher, it also includes 45 industry experts from various fields, including Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy, Dia Mirza of UNEP, Nithin Kamath of Zerodha, Rahul Mishra of fashion designer, Santosh Iyer of Mercedes-Benz, Ashish Singhal of CoinSwitch, Samarth Bedi of forest essentials, Shriti Malhotra of body shop, Shradha Sharma of your story, and Ritesh Malik.

‘I’m a Climate Optimist’ is printed with vegetable ink, it is also noted. To reduce the project’s carbon footprint, Ranison will contribute all income he receives from book sales to the Climate Charity, Greener Earth Foundation.

I’m a Climate Optimist by Aakash Ranison is an amazingly readable book to understand how we can — in these challenging times of climate change and global warming — consciously live in a responsible manner, said Premanka Goswami, Associate Publisher and Head of Backlist at PRHI, in a statement. This book is a ready reckoner for individuals who want to live a sustainable life since it provides a clear blueprint for doing so in each chapter. The project is evidence of Aakash’s dedication to improving the quality of life on Earth. We’re thrilled to publish the Penguin book.

‘I’m a Climate Optimist’ by Aakash Ranison is a very significant book for our times, according to Milee Ashwarya, Publisher of PRHI. There is a pressing need to comprehend sustainability and take part in conversations about it as the world around us changes quickly and we deal with challenges like pollution, extreme weather, and global warming on a daily basis. I’d like to welcome Aakash to Penguin Random House India and wish the book success with readers everywhere.

Aakash Ranison is a devoted, responsible traveller who promotes sustainable living and photographs his journeys. Climate Change Explained: For One and All is a book that the environmental activist just released. He has also contributed to publications like The Times of India and Forbes India while maintaining his own website and blog where he talks about his travels and climate change. He has spoken at venues including TEDx and Google Talk, and several newspapers have honoured him with names like Climate Warrior and Sustainable Changemaker.

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