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Author’s Background: The Author, Suman Sharma dedicates this book, to his wife and daughter, which is something very sweet. Also, he believes that all of us eccentric to some extent and this degree of eccentricity varies from person to person. The Author, mentions in his book that the best of the people in history of the humankind were eccentric, be it the great writer, Charles Dickens or Nicholas Tesla, well this observation will simply compel you to give a thought to Author’s belief as both of these personalities had certain strange and outlandish habits in their personal lives. Further, the Author also mentions that even the heavenly bodies follow eccentric orbits, elliptical and not circular, to balance out the various complex forces and the laws of nature, which is a wonderful observation by the Author! Read more book written by 

Suman Sharma



Neel Preet: First of all, Big Congratulations to you on your latest published book, “Eccentric Orbits: Poems Without Boundaries” Suman! What responses are you getting from this book of yours? Please share your experience about this book.

Suman Sharma: Thanks, and regards, Neel Preet! Well, to be honest, the response is lukewarm.  But I am not deterred. Bhagwat Gita preaches “You should never engage in action for the sake of reward, nor should you long for inaction. Perform work in this world as a man established within himself – without selfish attachments, and alike in success and defeat.” I have pursued my passion and let my emotions spontaneously flow through the pen (and keyboard!). Nevertheless, I would like to quote the case of Vincent Van Gogh, whose life was introduced to me though the famous book Lust for Life.  He sold only one painting during his lifetime. History is replete with writers, artists and scientists whose works were never appreciated during their life time.   Galileo Galilei, John Keats, Oscar Wilde, Henry David Thoreau, Franz Kafka, Emily Dickinson …. I would not be appropriate on my part to compare myself with these famous personalities; but I simply don’t give up.  


Neel Preet: I’ve read your book and I genuinely feel that it’s a wonderful collection of “Unconventional and Inspirational Poems” so my next question to you is that what inspired you to write these poems? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Suman Sharma: Writing fiction or poetry was never among the options of hobby, pastime or career. I was a born rationalist and an atheist who believed in scientific theories, laws and logic. I acknowledged nothing but the scientific temper. Anything that could be explained on universal scientific laws or rationalism appealed to me, other notions, beliefs or concepts were simply shrugged off. 

Anyhow, a turning point in my life in 2014, when I lost my hearing in a freak incident forced me to try writing to combat my depression. To cut the long story short, I succeeded and penned down a few short stories and then gradually drifted towards poetry.  


Neel Preet: You have given a very interesting title to your Poetry-Collection Book, which is undoubtedly very catchy so, what made you go for this title for your book?

Suman Sharma: As I earlier mentioned about my scientific temper, mathematics and astronomy are my favourite subjects. As I knitted my poems, my subconscious mind simply dropped a hint in line with my unorthodox and eccentric mind set.  Let me mention here that the closest planet to us with highest eccentricity is the Mercury symbolising the communication and intelligence.    


Neel Preet: These days, we get to see many people living with the fear of the societal pressure while you have completely justified the unconventional human behaviours, so while writing this book what was your mind-set? 

Suman Sharma: While writing I follow the approach: “Let the ideas flow, don’t worry about opinions and labels. Feel the feeing and be the experience in itself.”  


Neel Preet: Nowadays, we do not see many writers coming out with their Poetry Collection Books, unlike you, which I believe is a bold step so, my next question to you is that why did you choose Poetry to express yourself? And why not Short-Stories when that too could have served the purpose?

Suman Sharma: As I mentioned earlier, my first tryst with writing was a short story which ultimately culminated in to a collection. I have recently published an eBook titled Twice Hugged: Love Speaks in Silent Verses, a collection of six short stories revolving around a fictitious female character. 

Moreover, since I am a working professional, I found it difficult to write short stories and hence migrated to poetry. In Feb 2019, I published my first poetry book Hide and Seek, a collection of poems that were woven around relationships and emotions where we tend to play game of hide and seek.


Neel Preet: While reading your book, I found that your poems had some really strong emotions and stories inside them, which had greatly impressed me and thus I would like you to explain the overall message which your book is trying to convey to the readers!

Suman Sharma: Strong emotions are troublesome; find your true centre by balancing inside against the outside world. Be cautious of your emotions in this digital jungle of virtual reality. Beware of charlatans of dark web.  Unplug, unwind and unleash your potential. 


Neel Preet: Suman your writing seemed to be really impeccable and you were bold with the poems in your book, which I really appreciate. Therefore, I want you to tell us about some of those writers, who had inspired you and whom you follow!

Suman Sharma:  I am a bookworm. I eat drink and live on books. The list is long, but to mention a few writers who impressed, inspired and imprinted an indelible mark on my creative self are Oscar Wilde, Edgar Allan Poe, Haruki Murakami, Robin Cook, Robin Sharma, George Orwell, Ayn Rand, Eckhart Tolle, Raj Raghunathan, Arvind Adiga,…  


Neel Preet: Is there any message which you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Suman Sharma: Stimulate your mind in a gymnasium of books to have more than six billion abs on the intellectual plane. 


Neel Preet: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Suman Sharma: Yes, I am in the final stage of Hindi poetry book Ek Katra Zindgi. At the same time, I am working on Mnemonics and Goddesses around the World. And I write poems on daily basis in my spare time.  


Neel Preet: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for future and your book too!

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