Together, the Maharashtra Government and the British Council will internationalise education.

The British Council and the Maharashtra government have partnered to internationalise higher education in the region. The goal of the collaboration is to bring the educational system up to speed with global standards. As a result, the curriculum must be updated, the instructors must receive the necessary training, and students must develop important leadership qualities. In the presence of Chandrakant Patil, Minister of Higher and Technical Education, and Alison Barrett MBE, Director India, British Council, Vikas Chandra Rastogi, IAS, Principal Secretary Higher Education, and Rashi Jain, Director West India, the two organisations signed an agreement.

In addition to bringing about important changes in education, the collaboration will promote cultural exchanges that will further the state’s development goals in terms of both education and the economy. Research will be improved, which is essential for any improvement in education. The agreement is commendable for its global perspective, which would lead to more collaborations and knowledge exchanges and improve the possibilities for research. The two organisations currently place a focus on faculty training, leadership development, and capacity building through offline and online workshops. In the upcoming days, more of their work will be made public. As of now, the union offers promise for the education system in Maharashtra.

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