Excerpted from Rajini’s Mantras: Life lessons from one of India’s most-loved superstars by P C Balasubramanian, with permission from Jaico Publishing House. The book is releasing on August 2, 2022

Superstar Rajinikanth is easily one of the most beloved actors in the South Indian Film Industry. His contribution to cinema has not only made his the most loved but has also made him a well-known figure in India. He has fans all over the world and for good reasons. There is no one else who can even come close to the name he has made for himself.

With many fans scattered here and there, P. C. Balasubramanian, or PC as he is affectionately called, also falls under this category. PC is a man of many interests. He is an entrepreneur, a lover of cricket, a movie buff, an author, a speaker, and more. He also highly admires Superstar Rajnikanth and is one of his biggest fans. PC’s respect for the star brought out the writer in him and led him to author two books based on the legend – Rajini’s Punchtantra‘ and ‘Grand Brand Rajini.

Now, the national bestselling author has written a third book on the renowned actor. Titled ‘Rajini’s Mantras’, the book features valuable life lesson’s from one of India’s most loved superstars. Published by Jaico Publishing House, they took to their Twitter handle to announce that is ready and is made available to purchase online exclusively on Amazon. They wrote, “It’s time for the big reveal! We’re thrilled to announce P. C. Balasubramanian’s book on one of India’s most loved and popular superstars, #Rajinikanth”.

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Book Blurb –


In Rajini’s Mantras, bestselling author P.C. Balasubramanian brings out the best life lessons from Rajinikanth’s iconic speeches, public interactions and performances right from his early days in the film industry. Rajinikanth, endearingly called ‘Thalaivar’ (leader) by his fans, is an inspiration to millions. His spectacular success story, from a bus conductor to one of the most-loved superstars in Indian cinema, is as gripping as a megahit.

His life is an excellent blueprint if you want to understand how to achieve goals without compromising your values or individuality. Taking several incidents from Rajini’s life, Balasubramanian shows how an adaptable mindset, willingness to learn from experiences, persistence and making the right choices can help you stand out—just like the beloved idol.

Moreover, the simplicity of each of these mantras highlights the positive influence you can have on society and those around you. P.C. Balasubramanian is a chartered accountant and heads a company in the business assurance services sector. He is also a public speaker and has held talks on motivation, entrepreneurship, branding and happiness among other subjects. He is a firm believer that life lessons are all around us. An ardent admirer of the superstar Rajinikanth, this is his third book on him.

“I hope that my fans and every reader would find this book relevant and enriching”

About the Author

P. C. Balasubramanian – Running an enterprise and writing books have one thing in common, both need passion, commitment and effort. The author enjoys both the roles.

The author P C Balasubramanian, normally addressed as PC or Bala got into writing books in 2010 and the first book Rajini’s Punchtantra became a national best seller and is till getting presented as a HR initiative in various corporate entities. He continued writing and the second one was Grand Brand Rajini, launched around the very special birthday of the very special super star Rajinikanth.

The desire to tell a story made him write his first fiction Ready Steady Exit followed by A Drizzle in the Desert. Then JUJUBE happened during the lockdown time he was again back to a non-fiction. This book is close to his heart and mind, he says, as the book is all about joy and happiness. Jujube is for all age groups. He felt the need to launch this book during lockdown crisis primarily to share his views on happiness.

While he again started with another fiction, he again went back to his favourite subject ‘Rajinikanth’ to write his sixth book and third one on this legendary personality. Bala is a qualified Chartered Accountant and heads a company that’s into business assurance services. He is also a speaker and speaks on motivation, entrepreneurship, leadership, branding and happiness.

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