An Interview with Colby Sharma Author of the Book ‘THE CURVEBALL’

Colby Sharma, a multifaceted individual, serves as an author and lawyer while also making his mark as a serial entrepreneur. Renowned as the founder of successful ventures, including the Queens Personal Finance Initiative (QFI), Colby’s influential book, “The Curveball: A Story of Grit, Adversity, and Winning the Game of Life,” takes readers on an inspiring journey through struggle, imparting lessons on perseverance, grit, and impactful daily habits. As a sought-after speaker, Colby leverages his extensive personal experiences to guide audiences on the path to personal mastery.

A passionate sports enthusiast, Colby recognizes the profound stories embedded in sports—the triumphs, failures, and their connections to personal growth and self-help. In his entrepreneurial endeavors, he has collaborated with CEOs and high-level entrepreneurs across diverse industries. Colby’s leadership extends to his role as the founder and president of the Queen’s Personal Finance Initiative, a program dedicated to supporting students in achieving success beyond academics through leadership and entrepreneurship guidance.

In addition to his legal expertise, Colby has pioneered legal software as a director of Firefly Legal. Through his debut book, he delves into the clash between the egoic self and the heroic self, exploring the ongoing battle against adversity that unites us as humans. Advocating for the power of daily habits, Colby emphasizes their role in fostering increased productivity, growth, and a stable foundation, especially during times of change.

As a speaker, Colby shares his personal story of overcoming adversity, skillfully intertwining sports analogies and narratives to inspire and motivate his audience. Recognizing the significance of team building, he champions mentorship and togetherness, believing in the unifying power of sports. For corporations seeking to inspire and motivate teams, Colby Sharma stands as an excellent choice.


Q1. First of all, many congratulations on your book THE CURVEBALL. How has the response to the book been so far?  

Author: Thank you very much. Very grateful for the response and how people have reacted to the book. It has become a bestseller in India.

Q2. You are a professional lawyer. How did you think about writing a book on self-help?

Author: I had always wanted to write a book yet It wasn’t until I faced life’s inevitable adversities that I knew what I wanted the book to be about.

Q3. Your book talks about turning fear into fuel, doubts into confidence and failure into victory. How important is it to not have a slight amount of fear, doubts and failure in one’s life?

Author: Well, I think the essence of a life is to also experience fear, doubts and failure. Because that’s how we know we are heading in the right direction provide a pathway for success.

Q4. What inspired you to write The Curveball?

Author: I was inspired to write The Curveball because of a challenging time in my life when I went through adversity.

Q5. To get something one needs to give something. What is your opinion about this sentence?

Author: I like it. The end result will be determined by you level of self-sacrifice. In The Curveball I talk about how loss is important because it’s the loss of the power of the ego.

Q6. Have you had any Curveball moment in your life so far?

Author: Yes, I have.

Q7. The story of your book revolves around a sportsman Bryce Holloway. Have you always been a baseball fan?

Author: Yes, I have always been a baseball fan. However, it’s important to note that you do not need to be a baseball fan or a cricket fan for that matter to gain great value from the book. This book will help you to thrive amid life’s adversities, where ever you find them. We had the Cricket World Cup that finished last month where we saw how important the small details are.

Q8. The Curveball is your debut book. After completing the draft did you show it to your close ones? And what was the initial reaction you received?

Author: After I completed the first draft, I showed it to my dad. His thoughts were invaluable to me. Yet, it would still be close to three years before the book was brought out into the world.

Q9. How do you envision your future goals and aims?

Author: I am fully focused on sharing the value in The Curveball broadly. I want to continue to speaking to organizations about how to become more resilient.

Q10. We would like to end the conversation here by requesting few words from you for the people facing day-to-day mental challenges in their life.

Author: Do you mean mental health challenges? Seek little wins. Progress over perfection. Another thing I would suggest is having a great support system around you.

Book Details
Book Title – The Curveball
Author –  Colby Sharma
Genre – Self-Help
Language – English
Page Count – 196 pages
ISBN 13 – 978-93-90166-90-9
Publisher – Jaico Publishing House

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