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Meet Prachi, the author, content writer, poet, and animal rescuer. She’s a multi-talented wordsmith who can spin a tale about parenting, relationships, education, motivation, and social taboos with ease. With four published books, including the Amazon Bestseller “Hey Girl, Yes You” and the Golden Books Award-winning “Dear Son, You Can’t Stay Little Always” she has already made her name in the literary world. When Prachi is not busy chasing words, she’s a devoted mom to her kids and cats, Finch and Kiwi. They spend their days playing together and having fun. In relaxed mode, you can find her sipping on her favorite chai latte and dreaming up her next big idea.


TLT: Firstly, Congratulations on your book, ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’ Well, can you please share your experience about making your work come into the form of a book?

Prachi Sachdev: “Thank you! Transforming my thoughts and experiences into ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’ has been an enlightening journey. This book, crafted from my heart, is a collage of personal reflections, motherly advice, and universal truths. Writing it was a process of self-discovery and introspection. I wanted to encapsulate the essence of a mother’s love and wisdom for her daughter, ensuring each word resonated with authenticity and warmth. The challenge was to balance personal anecdotes with a universal appeal, making sure the book speaks not just to my daughter but to every girl and woman out there. Seeing it come to life as a book has been incredibly fulfilling.”

TLT: What inspired you to write this book? What was the impetus behind this work of yours?

Prachi Sachdev: “The inspiration for ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’ comes from my life experiences and my strong desire to always be there for my daughter, Pearl, even when I’m not physically around. Watching her grow, I realized just how crucial it is to pass down the wisdom and lessons that I wish I had known at her age. This book is a culmination of the lessons I’ve learned, the struggles I’ve faced, and the insights I’ve gained. It’s a heartfelt attempt to provide a guiding light for young women, empowering them to navigate life’s complexities with confidence and grace.”

TLT: As you talk about gender inequality in your book, What experience did you face in your personal life that made you think about the inequality?

Prachi Sachdev: “Growing up in a family that treated boys and girls equally, I was surprised to see gender inequality in the outside world. While I didn’t face major issues personally, I often heard gender-biased comments from relatives and neighbors. It was frustrating and disheartening to see girls being limited by societal expectations and family pressures, discouraged from pursuing their interests, or facing obstacles in their careers just because of their gender. These experiences opened my eyes to the deep-rooted gender inequality in our society. It motivated me to write ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’, as I wanted to contribute to changing this mindset and creating a more equal world for my daughter and all young women.”

TLT: Freedom brings responsibility, and in metro cities, we have seen women misusing freedom and opportunities. In your opinion, how does this affect other women who genuinely need these opportunities?

Prachi Sachdev: “While it’s true that freedom comes with responsibility, I believe that the actions of a few should not become a generalization for all. It’s crucial to understand that the misuse of freedom by some women in metro cities is not a reflection of all women’s intentions or capabilities. Every individual should be evaluated on their own merits. Generalizations can be harmful and may lead to unwarranted skepticism toward capable and deserving women. It’s important to foster a culture where women are encouraged and supported to make the most of their opportunities responsibly.”

TLT: Your book is bringing a change in society. In your opinion, how is literature helping you to present these issues to people?

Prachi Sachdev: “Literature is not just words on a page; it’s a powerful way to connect with people and encourage change. In ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’, I use stories from my own life to talk about real issues like body shaming, the importance of self-worth, and seeing failure as a stepping stone, not a setback. By sharing these personal experiences, I hope to make these topics more relatable and easier to understand. Literature opens up a space for thoughtful conversation and self-reflection, and I believe it can really make people think differently and help build a more understanding and accepting society.”

TLT: Are there any authors or personality who has inspired you?

Prachi Sachdev: “Among the authors who have inspired me, Robin Sharma and Paulo Coelho stand out significantly. Their books, rich in wisdom and profound insights, have deeply influenced my journey as a writer. I’ve always been a huge fan of their work, and it was their approach to self-help literature that motivated me to write for teenagers. Their ability to weave life lessons into engaging narratives has been particularly inspiring, and it’s something I’ve strived to emulate in my own writing. It’s their blend of storytelling and practical wisdom that pushed me to create books that guide and empower young readers.”

TLT: Is there any message that you would like to convey to your readers? Or any piece of advice, which you would like to give to the readers out there!

Prachi Sachdev: “To my readers, I would say: Believe in the power of your own voice. Never underestimate the impact of standing up for yourself and pursuing your dreams. Life is a beautiful journey of learning and growth. Embrace your uniqueness, and don’t let societal norms define your path. Through ‘Hey Girl, Yes You’, I hope to inspire you to live life authentically and courageously.”

TLT: Are there any other books being worked by you? Please let us know about your future projects.

Prachi Sachdev: “Yes, I’m currently diving into an exciting new project – a book focused on conquering self-doubt, specifically tailored for teenagers. This upcoming self-help guide is designed to be a comprehensive toolkit for young minds grappling with uncertainty and hesitation. It’s packed with practical advice, effective strategies, and empowering techniques aimed at dismantling self-doubt and fostering unshakeable self-confidence. Readers can expect to explore topics like identifying and challenging negative self-talk, embracing positive mindset shifts, and adopting resilience-building practices. This book aims to be a valuable resource for any teen looking to navigate the complexities of growing up with confidence and clarity.”

TLT: Thank you so much for answering all my questions. All the very best to you for the future and your book too!

Prachi Sachdev: “Thank you for having me! It’s been great sharing about my book and experiences. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and connecting with more readers.”

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