Gen X-Y-Z: Gig Collar workforce is the Evolution of a New form of workforce which has Unfolded in this Country and is going to Stay Over for Decades Together and Upsurge Kick-Starts from January 2021

A rapid growth in GIG workforce in the economy in India is a noticeable feature now-a-days and the number of workforce joining gig job is a very fast rising upward trend which in turn is taking India’s economy to a new height. A sustainable growth in gig workforce and their consistent contribution for the growth of the country is clearly visible and forecasted. It is surely going to drive the economy in future. We have witnessed in past decades in all segments of industries, a vividly displayed human likes and dislikes in the workplace environment which has finally pushed them towards an alternative source of job which throws open to the workforce a lot of choices with a flexibility in working hours and earning not lesser than the regular nature of job. 

A job without any close supervision or monitoring by bosses, time is of own and place of one’s choice, whether it is home or anywhere. No barriers of the workplace besides a perfect tool for maintaining work-life balance. 

GIG economy is also lending ample opportunity to employers to exercise its own human capital cost in a flexible manner on a real time basis. It shows a viable way to opt for fixed term manpower within its budget on any given time & date, as resource on a fixed term employment mode remains no more an obstacle.

Gen X-Y-Z, who are more tend to flexible hours of work, an atmosphere of freedom and a wish & vision to engage themselves in multiple options of earning in Platform work, does not want themselves to be captivated in four wall workplace where assignments are predetermined, unchangeable and static and where scope of exercising one’s own option and talent is restricted, except too few cases which specifically demands brain & skill exercise. 

Whereas a GIG job, in all the cases, in an online business model, does not require one to be highly qualified or skilled or professionally excelled. It needs a certain basic level of computer and internet knowledge and it brings them hefty income which varies from Company to Company. 

It can be attended and accomplished at one’s own time unlike a specific hours of work in organised sector employment. That’s being the anchor reason for gig workers getting attracted to gig jobs at a must faster scale than any other nature of job. It’s quite lucrative, fun making, provides an infinite level of option and the work-field is across the globe. 

Young generation and future generation of India are thus more leaning to Artificial Intelligence based digitized form of GIG job as it let them work at their free will and spend quality time with families. Another big reason for choosing a GIG job as a wiser option for survival is the dreadful pandemic effect of Covid-19 which has thrown many working people out of the job causing them to suffer a lot in meeting routine family costs. 

Moreover, a technically qualified person or a highly skilled person can easily reach the top of the ladder if he prefers to join a GIG job as it provides a great deal of opportunity for a skill worker to upgrade and up-rise in GIG job through his dedicated engagement in GIG job. More a person is flexible in his approach and receptivity to temporary job of varied nature without stretching his daily employment hours, he turns up with the brightest choice of the employer. 

India is in the path of witnessing an exponential growth in all sectors of industries where gig workers would play the major role to dominate the sector as every option in the industry is going to be digitized very soon. 

The Union Government of India has also acknowledged gig job and platform job as future sectors of employment by inserting these two categories of workforce in the upcoming Labour Codes and also the Government has provided ample social security measures for GIG workforce by extending coverage of Employment Laws to them. This step of the Government would encourage more workforce to join in GIG collar job and this would propel the speed of replacing the concept of permanent employment with the GIG JOB. 

Article By: Amitava Ghosh
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing, 2020
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