An Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

An Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta

July 22, 2021 0 By Tasnima Yasmin
  1. Congratulations on having published the 7th book in a series of 12. Tell us a bit about this book.

Dr. Vipin Gupta:  The 7th book is about self-awareness.   It helps us develop self-awareness about our reality, the causative reality, the sequential reality, the consequential reality, and the entity reality.   Our reality is one of a conscious entity who can make conscious decisions about the goals in life and fulfill them by becoming a person who knows the necessary path of action.

Our causative reality is one of a causative body, reproducing someone’s organizational planning over the past, present, and future dimensions of time.   We cannot plan the organization (organism) we need to be for realizing our goals because we forget the goal that we conceived in the past as a conscious entity.   We put what we conceptualize into our consciousness and let them become our subconscious mind to drive us towards a specific path.    You ask yourself what you wish to accomplish living your life now; most of us do not know.   Some think they know they want more name, fame, wealth, happiness for themselves or others.   When you ask them how much certainty they have that their path will lead to their goal, very few will say 100%.    If each of us knew the path that leads to our goals, then the world’s challenges will not be increasing every moment.   We will have a joyful world.  

Our sequential reality increases self-doubt, leading to growing dependence on science and cultural wisdom when we do not get what we wish. Our consequential reality is increasing self-steam, making everyone a follower of science and cultural wisdom, and enjoying increasing returns because of the growing demand for what one has done.   It makes us believe that we are the chosen one and that we will have a heavenly afterlife.

Our entity reality is of eventual entropy because we have chosen to make everyone a follower.  When even the leader is only following the followers, then the entity reality becomes a circular reality.   We constantly wish to be like others who are in leadership roles.  When those reincarnate, they start as the followers, with an increasingly more complex life.  Leadership roles start becoming rare with growing power stratification.  

Today, we are experiencing unprecedented levels of power stratification. 

  • What place does project VIPIN hold in your heart?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Project VIPIN is about awareness of our essential nature to stop letting fickle nature guide our reality.   When we are self-aware, we are aware of the essential nature that our self has.   We know that the gifts we have as a loving child of Mother Nature are no less than anyone else’s gifts.  Therefore, we develop confidence in our reality.   We do not demand scientific knowledge and cultural wisdom that only serves to deify the elites.   We stop the escalating costs of our living as a knowledge-hungry and hogging people.   Instead, we master the technique of intuition and reason for realizing our goals without any issues of intellectual property that plague the world today.

  • What are your plans for project BHAKTI?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Project BHAKTI will begin after the completion of Project VIPIN.   Project BHAKTI is about our potential to create the reality we wish, as a nurturer of our essential nature.   We decide what dimension of our essential nature will illuminate through our dedicated actions, intentions, and devotion. 

  • There is a lot of numerology in your previous books that seem subtly referenced in this one. What is your take on that?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: At its essence, the cultural wisdom of India is not based on theories and ideas.   Instead, it offers precise quantification of everything.  For instance, the creator deity, Param Brahma, has four faces.   I show that the energy value of the creator deity is four – it includes the person who behaves like the creator deity and the presence of that person as a constant factor over the past, the present, and the future dimensions of time.  That is why the creation conceives the person constant through time as the creator deity, who created everything that manifests and unfolds over time.

In each of the books in Project VIPIN, I offer precise energy values of each concept, so that intuition and reason become clear. Thus, it helps advance modern science and cultural wisdom and makes everyone free from the escalating costs of technology, as the root knowledge now is free and in the public domain, not in the heads of the universe-helping scientists and self-help gurus.

  • The book is very well organized and meticulously captured. What kind of research did you have to go through to put this book together?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Project VIPIN and this book are based on the discoveries of an open mind.   Just like Newton conceived gravity by perceptibly observing the apple falling from a tree on the ground when he was doing nothing else, and his mind was open to discovering the beauty of Mother Nature. First, I connect my discoveries with the facts known from modern science and ancient cultural wisdom. Then, I show why the scientists and the gurus interpreted those facts the way they did and illuminate the reality of those facts.

  • Since you hold a Ph.D. and are a faculty member, what are the critical things according to you that make a good piece of writing?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The key to a good piece of writing is originality. Unfortunately, most people write anything but original.  Their work is full of references; they draw their authority from their past or others.   They fill in the gap in their reasoning with a leap of faith in authority.    Such people have not done their homework.  They only pretend to have done hard work that they now impatiently wish to share with the universe.  

Additional elements are the writing should be relevant and serve the purpose it is intended to have.   Essentially, the writing should invite others to engage.  The engagement must lead to their self-development and absolute freedom from the dependence on anything, including that writing. 

  • Despite your busy schedule, how did you manage your time to pen so many books? How long did the planning and preparation for this series take place?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: I have learned to manage my time by focusing on whatever I am doing.   I have mentioned before that Project VIPIN is possible only because of Project BHAKTI.  My wife Bhakti does twice as much as I do, and her contributions are left invisible.   Her planning and preparation allowed me to focus on the books without investing time in planning and preparation.  I started the work specifically on this project in July 2017, working on a variety of elements.   I began synthesizing them this year, and it takes one month to finalize everything on each book.

  • What kind of activities do you wish to give your time into other than writing in the future?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Over the last month, I have starting pivoting back into a range of things in the life of a professor, including giving talks and workshops and advising on higher-education initiatives. In addition, I expect to have an active public life over the coming months, as I begin sharing the findings broadly while working on the other books in the project.

  • Is there any way that our readers can connect with you or contact you?

Dr. Vipin Gupta: Yes, all the books provided my email   My phone no. and email are on my website

  1. Tell us three things that make your books different from other non-fiction books in the market.

Dr. Vipin Gupta: The three things that make the books in Project VIPIN different are:

First, originality.  The entire work is 100% original.

Second, certainty.   There is 100% certainty in whatever I have written.  Everything has precise energy quantification.

Third, developmental.  The entire writing focuses on the developmental growth that offers us a joyful life.  The work is the celebration of life and of the gifts, Mother Nature has given us.   It integrates everything across disciplines and ages, without any boundaries.  It is the work of a 100% open mind.

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