How To Write A Successful Book Series?

These days may top rated Authors are coming out with their Book Series and taking the market by storm. Well, we all know about the world famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and even the Indian Authors are following the same path and many of them too are coming out with their Trilogy or some other kinds of series. One thing that is getting common in this case is that the Book Series pattern is getting successful day by day!

Now, let’s discuss some more benefits of the Book Series pattern carried out by the Authors of modern times. Unlike the classic era when Literature Wizards like Williams Shakespeare where he used to write numerous drama-novels, all very different from each other, the modern day Authors are finding it beneficial to write a Trilogy or create a Book Series. The modern day Authors prefer writing a Book Series since it helps them to gain their readers not only for one of their book, but for all of their books of a particular series. Since, if a reader likes the storyline of the first book then that reader would be compelled to read all the books of that series in order to complete the full story. Hence, in this manner the Authors gains the readers for all the books of their book series!

Creating a compelling book series is a terrific way for the Authors to expand their author platforms and attract the readers to their brand. It also helps the Authors to ensure that the readers they’ve brought on board thus far remain their biggest fans and supporters.

Creating a standalone title is one thing, but writing an extended saga requires you to take a slightly different approach. You must know what makes a series work if you want to keep readers coming back. So, let’s focus on those points, which keep the readers coming back for more and the helps the Authors to write a successful book series. The 4 Major Tips to do so are –

1st Tip: Create A World Readers Want to Revisit Over and Over – One of the key things to remember as you create a series is that it isn’t about plot or narrative. It’s about creating a world that your readers want to escape to time and again. Think about some of your favourite book series; chances are, when you remember your favourite aspects of them, you don’t think about plots or structures, you remember the world and its characteristics.

How do you create a compelling world? With lots of great details that make it seem “real.” Keep a notebook that contains descriptions of various aspects of the setting in which your story is told. Add to it as much as you can, even if the details never make it into your story. The idea is to make a place that seems like it’s lived in by real, relatable people. Look to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series for a terrific example of highly detailed world building.

2nd Tip: Stock Your World with Compelling, Relatable Characters – Your amazing fictional world isn’t complete until you populate it with great characters. Remember: readers aren’t going to come back again and again because of your ability to plot a story; they’re going to revisit your world because it’s a cool place to hang out. Give them a cast of irresistible characters, and they will become incredibly loyal followers!

​​​​​​​3rd Tip: Move In A Clear Direction – ​​​​​​​One of the more frustrating things about series that don’t work is that they lack a clear direction or focus. Readers can tell when an author is simply filling pages to pump out the next sequel, so you’ve got to be able to justify your series’ existence.

This doesn’t mean plotting out the entire series before you write a single word, though. It means thinking about your characters and their world, and then giving them conflicts to work through that make sense for the setting and their specific traits. A character should always be working toward something, and your audience needs to be invested in the quest. And don’t stuff your stories with multiple cliff-hangers to keep readers interested! Cliff-hangers and intrigue are important, but you need to reward your readers with cool reveals and memorable instances of character development from time to time.

4th Tip: Have Fun With Your Series – ​​​​​​​Writing a series is a great strategy for building your author brand, but it shouldn’t feel like hard, tedious work. Have fun with it and make sure that the world you create; and the characters who inhabit it are worth your time and energy. Readers can tell when an author’s heart isn’t in it, so make sure you move forward with a series only when you feel excited by the prospect of sticking with it.

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