An exclusive Interview with Dr. Vipin Gupta on the 9th book in a series of 12

  1. Congratulations Dr. Vipin Gupta on your 9th book in a series of 12. So glad to have a chance to interact with you again. Please tell us a little about the meaning of trading factor?

Trading factor is trading force.  Trading force is the Almighty Creator.    When we trade a force, we become a creator seeking to create an altered form of that force with the fire ignited by that force.    The one who becomes the creator is our essential nature.   We create whatever is natural to create at a finite coordinate of space and time within the causation serviced by the force.   What is natural varies across different spatial coordinates.   A person in Africa creates something different after trading the natural value with force than a person in Europe.   The essential nature of each person is the same.   If a person in Africa were to migrate to Europe, that person will create something different.   The force we trade includes not only the general trading factor but also the specific trading factor, comprising the natural value of a finite coordinate.   The finite coordinate becomes the cultural element acculturing us to its natural value.   The general trading factor comprises a sequence of natural values of diverse finite coordinates.  It is the Almighty Creator who makes the essential nature take varying forms as the creator for creating the diverse realities as the diverse forms of the natural value.   Thus, it generates the diversity of cultures within and without time. 

  • Please elaborate on Project VIPIN and how close is it to your heart?

Project VIPIN is a project about myself.  Myself of each person, inanimate or animate, is the same.   Myself is a beautiful garden without walls.   Therefore, myself is fragmented and diffused, and lost within the universe.  The journey of life is to discover myself, unite the fragmented parts, and fuse oneself as a conscious system conscious of one’s natural value.  Our natural value perpetuates the value of our essence as our essential nature.   Each fragmented part operates like a heart system, forming a circle without circle of our life as the creator of infinite circles.   “I” becomes the heart of the universe that beats with the sound of “my” reproduction as the ether-effect.   Since I am the creator of project VIPIN, I am the heart whose vibrations beat within the pin-drop silence one experiences trying to grasp the reasoning offered at every turn in this project.

  • As a part of Project VIPIN, is trading factor a crucial element to understanding and giving meaning to one’s existence in life?

Trading factor makes our human factor static by making us dependent on the path of extroversion, followed by the path of its introversion, and leading to the path of the Sun servicing the consciousness of the oneness with the universe that is creating oneself.   Oneness promotes the path of absolute consciousness of the trading factor as the Almighty Creator of the path of human entity as the moon channeling the solar energy into a path of copying.  The path of copying produces diverse groups of entities, enjoying diverse generations of becoming while being diverse in their genders.   A copy is always different from the original.   Since Mother Nature is a feminine, her copy is odd and masculine.  Since copy is immanent within Mother Nature, Mother Nature is even.   As a feminine that gives birth, the universe is a divided entity.   Our life is divided between the universe within us and the universe without us.   The universe within us conceives and manifests the universe without us with our human factor.   The universe without us trades our static human factor and services that back to us in the form of the trading factor.   The universe trades the human factor of the diverse entities.   Therefore, the natural value we service is qualitatively different from the natural value we trade as the force.  We service what we wish to be.  We trade what everyone wishes to be.  Therefore, the trading factor entangles us into everyone’s consciousness system.  The entanglement generates entropy in our power to manifest the conscious imagination that guides our wishes into reality.   Therefore, it shakes our very existence and makes our conscious well-being conditional on the perpetuating value of our entropy.   We worship, love, and fear that perpetuating value as God, since we gift God the power to define our existence. 

  • Why is there the mention of Einstein in your subtitle?

Einstein has been gifted a God-like status by people of our times.  If one uses reason to explain why Einstein was wrong, people begin disbelieving that one.   In my earlier books in Project VIPIN, I have clearly demonstrated that Einstein’s theories are correct only under the ideal condition where there is zero mass of consciousness.   If there is zero mass of consciousness, there is zero energy because energy is bred by consciousness.  When we are conscious of a thing in the mental realm, our consciousness of that thing illuminates that thing as a part of our conscious system.   Our conscious system forms the speed the light of our consciousness takes to make us conscious of that thing in the physical realm.   Now, if in a equation, m = 0, e = 0, and c is the initial spatial state that gets illuminated at the speed of light, then any form of e will be equal to any transformation of m.   That is a trivial finding.   Even a child can tell you that.   What is important is the consequential entity state illuminated by the initial spatial state and how its reproduction leads one to the entity whose initial spatial state one channels within one’s consciousness of the reproductive reality for transcending the limitations of the speed of light.  All this requires a clarified understanding of the mathematics beyond the one used by Einstein.   Einstein’s mathematics was guided by the assumptions whose value has been assumed to be zero for making his work appear objective.  The book What is Trading Factor clarifies the assumptions in his field equations and quantifies the value of the different metrics that led to the formulation of his famous energy equation.

  • Do you think this mix of Mathematics and Einstein in the subtitle of your book may deter many from reading the book thinking its very complicated?

Einstein and mathematicians have made the reality complex and deterred children from enjoying the natural joy of mathematics and science.   That’s why most children seek to run away from mathematics and science, despite so many incentives from the governments for the STEM-designated programs, i.e., the programs based in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.  Since we are living in an age of science, the scientists and the mathematicians have formed an elite club enjoying disproportionate returns from their godliness.   Those who wishes to become free from this complication will breathe a fresh air after reading this book.   They will stop their dependence on the ego-contaminated trading factor.

  • What are the main sources from which you have drawn most of your information as mentioned in this book?

I draw on a range of sources for understanding the parameters that define how the reality is represented for forming, norming, and transforming meaning.   The sources include the works of modern as well as ancient mathematicians and physicists, from India and the world.  I also consider the translations of Sanskrit words into English and vice versa.   After identifying the parameters, I use the criteria of their energy value to identify the relationships among those parameters and the conditions that shape those relationships for generating the sequential effects substantiated by reasoning.   I use intuition to quantify the energy value and validate the intuition by investigating diverse relationships among the parameters under diverse conditions. 

  • How many hours a day do you spend in reading?

I am reading all the time when I am working on the project.  Even as I write, I read what I am writing.   I do not think before writing.   Thinking limits the natural flow of writing and contaminates the script with our consciousness.   I also read the matter that has been presented as a major finding even though the researcher has not understood the true meaning of the parameters used to account for the finding.   Overall, I am reading about fifteen hours a day. 

  • Apart from reading and writing, what other hobbies do you engage in frequently?

Professionally, I enjoy and engage in teaching and helping students open their mind to the larger possibilities.   Personally, I enjoy spending time with my wife doing things both of us like to do together.   Those things include watching television, traveling, social meet-ups, and sundries such as feeding birds and gardening. 

  • Is there anything common between Dr. Vipin Gupta and Einstein that makes you so drawn towards this eminent figure?

Einstein was a perfect thinker who was interested in understanding nature and representing the reality in the form of energy.   You may say the same about me.   However, the commonality ends there because Einstein was operating with the limitations of the scientific paradigm, guided by a spiritual doctrine that states that the reality emanated from God.   Reality is God’s copy formed in God’s image.  We know the energy value of a copy is zero and its mass is zero.   That’s why Einstein stated that reality is relative to God.   If God is one who produced the reality as HIS copy, then in relative terms, the energy value of copy is zero.   However, Einstein did not understand the implications of his work, even though he realized that his work is incompatible with the quantum science of reality.   My work illuminates the limitations of both the scientific paradigm as well as the spiritual doctrine.   I do not have the God-like eminence of Einstein.    That’s why I am able to illuminate the reality free from the Einstein’s ideal-effect that presumed that a copy can have a relatively disproportionate energy value as compared to the original.

  • Many are frightened of Mathematics as a subject since school. What is your experience with Mathematics?

Mathematics was my favorite subject in school and I always used to score highest in that subject.  In fact, my mother was teaching of mathematics in the same school where I did my secondary schooling.  She has a master’s in economics.   Eventually, economics became my favorite subject, as in Class XI, I choose the commerce stream instead of the science stream.   I had lot of fun with advanced mathematics in the college where it was a subsidiary subject and excelled when I took my common admission test for the Indian Institute of Management’s MBA program.   However, that’s where nightmare with mathematics began.   We had professors at IIM Ahmedabad who believed in showing those from Indian Institute of Technology STEM fields that they should stop thinking like the engineers who know it all and start behaving like the managers who rely on the expertise of others.   Therefore, they designed quizzes and tests that were not based on what we studied so that each engineer gets no more than a C and each non-engineer gets no more than a D.   Of course, both the engineers and non-engineers still managed to get up to a B in the courses when considering the applied group projects.   Consequently, I became proficient in using mathematics more as a managerial tool.  

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