Book Review Mystiq Lynk By Abhishek S Malve

“Life can be too mysterious sometimes and one cannot even imagine what results would occur when those mysteries would be unveiled. One can only hope that the mysteries would result for something sweet and pleasant!”    

Well, before starting the review of this title, “Mystiq Lynk” by Author Abhishek S Malve, let me mention that the Author has made a brilliant effort with his mystery thriller novel. The book covers a great story revolving around some main characters and the incidents of their lives. The way some mysteries will unveil in the lives of the prime characters of the plot, the readers are bound to feel the thrill while going through this amazing novel. 

About the Author: Abhishek S Malve is an Engineer turned Author and Entrepreneur. He has worked in India and in the United States in the field of Manufacturing Automation, before starting his own venture. Having keen interest in designing and storytelling, he now juggles between creating cool gaming apps and writing!

Author Abhishek S Malve stumbled onto his passion for writing while working as an automation engineer in the United States. His interest in storytelling encouraged him to explore his passion and focus on writing. Currently, he lives in Navi Mumbai with his family. He is also the co-founder of AMSQR Games, a game development firm, which he created with his wife, Apurva, where they develop fun and entertaining mobile games.

Book’s Introduction: This book, Mystiq Lynk by Author Abhishek S Malve is a ‘Crime & Mystery Thriller’ Novel revolving around Sara and Johnny, who are main characters in this book. The story is mostly about the mysterious incidents, which occurs in the lives of Sara & Johnny and the implications resulted by those incidents. One of the prime character in this book is Sara. Her life started to change to a great extend as soon as she received a mysterious letter at her doorstep, shortly before her 21st birthday. While the life of another prime character Johnny started to change as soon as he received an anonymous package near his house!

The book covers the story of both Sara & Johnny. Sara was extremely happy to find out that she was soon to inherit her grandmother’s house. Her happiness knew no bounds upon hearing this great news. However, she was unaware of one key fact – The house was not her only inheritance. In addition, Sara was not the only one whose world was about to change. Johnny, who found an anonymous package near his house, was a high school freshman. Little did he know that its contents were far more mysterious than they appeared and the horrors that were about to follow.

Book Title: The title “Mystiq Lynk” for this book, which is a Crime & Mystery Thriller novel, is certainly an appropriate one with reference to the collection of chapters added in this book by the Author. Moreover, it is a very ‘Catchy Title’ and this is something, which makes the book even more interesting, as the title itself compels you to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is giving a very mysterious as well as an interesting vibe. Therefore, as a reader you would feel the urge to go inside the chapters and try to understand the Author’s thoughts!

In addition, I must mention that the title of this book is much “Justified” with regards to the reading worthy storyline present in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt Book Title for this novel & the Author had been extremely wise to go for this title.

Readers Connect: Through this book, Author Abhishek S Malve has attempted to bring a feel of thrill for the readers and this is something, which will make the readers go page by page of this title. The story in this book covers everything, from mystery, thriller, suspense and the blend of spooky & horror vibe, the reader are bound to experience everything!  

Another very important aspect of this book is that the storyline is indeed engrossing & interesting and the narration style by the Author is so amazingly lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page of this mystery thriller novel.

Verdict: A Book like “Mystiq Lynk” is for sure a Must Read one& deserves a chance by the readers. The way Author had presented the central characters in this book and made sure to retain the suspense until the very end of the storyline is truly incredible. His work is seriously praise worthy as he has succeeded in making a great book in the category of crime, mystery & thriller!

Author,Abhishek S Malve is a promising Author, who is very creative in his writing, which the readers can feel through his spectacular writings. In addition, his honest work makes his book even more reading worthy.      

Book Title: Mystiq Lynk
Author Name: Abhishek S Malve
Publisher: Notionpress
Rating: 4/5
Reviewed By: Neel Preet at The Literature Today

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