An Article ‘Writing Is Therapy’ by Ananya Bhushan

“In many ways, writing is like therapy. It is my way of dealing with things”

-Corry Smith

When someone mentions the word ‘write’, the first thought that comes to my mind is Diary Entry, Story Writing, articles, etc. Basically, the topics which are done in school and come in our examination. If we look on the other side writing can be very therapeutic. Writing itself is very joyful whether a story or article or a full-fledged book. When done with focus and interest it becomes a creative pursuit.

To understand the therapeutic aspect of writing, let’s first understand what is writing. Writing in simple terms is expressing thoughts, opinions, or stories in written words. It is a form of communication where we share our ideas and stories with the outside world. It is both an art and a craft. It is an art where abstract ideas are concretely sized into stories and narratives. It is also a craft where the writer learns the art of writing where every word and sentence is articulated carefully to perfection.

There is another side of writing which has become very popular in self-transformation therapies.  Writing can help people to express themselves without judgment and prejudice for example story writing allow people to apply their creative juices to flow, resulting in a remarkable story. Diary entries, on the other hand, can be our trusted friend. Like the diary written by Anne Frank, who faced turbulent times and extreme isolation considered her diary her dearest friend.  Some people have maintained their habit of journaling every day for at least five minutes, which is a very expressive way to write down your goals, plans, and emotions. A lot of times stress or nervousness could be overwhelming, but writing that tense feeling down can reduce the weight which is building up inside you. Writing is like a warm blanket hugging you when the depressing cold is attacking you. Psychologists have proved that a person is more confident while writing as it helps to express buried emotions without having the fear of getting judged. By writing, you are basically shining the daylight on the devil living in the dark. There is no specific topic for writing, it’s a free space where you can express your deepest aspiration as per your convenience.

Writing helps us to calm down the storm of thoughts and emotions. It’s like a sieve that allows clear thoughts to percolate leaving the heavy junk behind. So, what are you waiting for write that story that has been weighing your mind for ages? If not for a full day start with small steps. Begin now!

Written by Ananya Bhushan

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