10, Apr, 2021
Cacophony To Symphony | Book Review | The Literature Today | Ankit Khemka

Month: June 2020

The present time is where there has been a quick and remarkable improvement in technology. As a result, the technology users have become more evolved and aware of the changes in technology and demand better and better every day. This has led to the companies, and organizations in this field […]

After the huge success of our  Magazine’s Premiere Issue Feb 2020 we are coming with the second edition of our The Literature Today Magazine. We are going to cover some of the best literary articles/ book reviews/ author interviews/ author stories/ new releases in this edition.  If you are interested […]

The present-day human society is confronted by issues that are critical and need attention. It becomes the responsibility of writers to bring these issues into the limelight and raise awareness among people. Arjun Kacper in his book, “A False Alarm” fulfils this responsibility by bringing a critical issue in front […]