10, Apr, 2021
Book Review | Ritesh R. Thapa | Evincepub Publishing


Concept- This book is a non-conforming, concept driven study which breaks the persisting semantic and syntactic versions of Bhagvad Gita. We are flooded with a plethora of commentaries and versions of Gita in our religious landscape, then where does this book stand in this crowd? Is it like selling the […]

The author has done a wonderful job with writing this book. Having been written in a simple language which is meant to convey strong and useful optimistic messages to all its readers, including beginners, the book has come out to be a masterpiece. This book has been described as the […]

The Sri Lankan author PRAMUDITH D RUPASINGHE is considered one of the emerging authors of our times. His books have sold worldwide, have been released internationally and been translated into several languages. Born in Gampaha, Sri Lanka in 1979, he soon discovered his vocation for writing though he still works […]

As always, I say, reading the Hindi books gives a nostalgic feeling. It might be because the Hindi language is not the regular language I speak. Because of the expertise I gained from my school and later life, reading Hindi books, both prose and poetry, have become a regime in […]