Perth Celebration 2023 Writing and Thoughts program reported

Perth Celebration has declared the full line-up for its 2023 Writing and Thoughts program, involving A Day of Thoughts on Saturday, 18 February and the Journalists Weekend, to be held at Fremantle Expressions Center on February 25-26.

The subject during the current year’s Journalists Weekend is ‘Unflinching as the Stars’, which honors the 2023 Perth Celebration topic of Djinda (stars) and follows John Keats’ most popular sonnet, ‘Splendid Star’. ‘When everything is changing and nothing feels certain, we investigate the immortality and consistency of the night sky,’ says the celebration of the current year’s subject.

On Friday night, premiere night party Every one of the Stars highlights Brooke Blurton, Sarah Malik, Winnie Dunn, Sukhjit Kaur Khalsa, Vuma Phiri, Holden Sheppard and Madison Godfrey.

Nearby Journalists Weekend visitors incorporate Jane Harper, Jennifer Down, Jess Ho, Wear Watson, Amy Remeikis, Chloe Hooper, Alice Pung, Holden Sheppard and Larissa Behrendt. Joining the celebration through Zoom, worldwide visitors incorporate South African Booker Prize-champ Damon Galgut and American essayists Amy Sprout and Sequoia Nagamatsu.

Writing and Thoughts keeper Sisonke Msimang is joined by two visitor guardians during the current year’s celebration: First Countries artist and writer of Homecoming (Magabala) Elfie Shiosaki, and youngsters’ writer and artist James Foley, developer of Family Day in Freo on the Sunday. The current year’s family day program highlights creators and artists including Craig Silvey, Jared Thomas, Sarah-Winifred Searle and Cristy Burne.

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