Interview with Keith Brandon | The Literature Today

Interview with Keith Brandon | The Literature Today

October 21, 2020 0 By The Literature Today

Author Background: Keith Brandon first dreamed of new worlds when he saw Star Wars back in 1991. Since then, even as a child, he has wanted to write his own stories. When he grew up he traveled the world, working on cruise liners as a waiter, learned to drive boats, and saw beautiful parts of the western hemisphere. With his debut novel, Lost Universe, which is the first in a series, he creates new creatures and worlds for others to explore. –This text refers to an alternate kindle edition.

Interview questions, The Lost Universe

Noor: Congratulations for your debut novel. It is a fabulous one. Why did you choose the science fiction genre and space exploration, for your debut? 

Keith Brandon: Thank you. The universe is an expanding area with limitless possibilities much like in a fantasy book. And as the saying goes: Truth is out there!

Noor: It is written in a simple style of writing. I believe it can be read by kids and adults alike. Which target audience did you have in mind when you wrote it? 

Keith Brandon: I believe 25 and above but I have a feeling younger generations will enjoy it as much as older ones.

Noor: The storyline is very engaging and engrossing. Human beings have always looked at the space/ universe in awe. The end of this book, leaves us wanting more. When can we expect the sequel in the series? 

Keith Brandon: Lost Universe 2 is done, my publisher works on it-hope so Haha- and halfway through part 3. I believe in a month or two-part 2 will be released.

Noor: I personally, loved the writing style and narration. It has a humor element to it, peppered gingerly. Was it a conscious effort and if so, why? 

Keith Brandon: Humor has it’s part in all genres. I guess without it stories would be an empty shell. Yes, it was with intention. I want my readers to smile as well. They need to see the characters can relax and enjoy themselves too.

Noor: Tell us something about yourself. How did writing come about, in your life? Which genre do you read the most? Who are you, favorite author? 

Keith Brandon: Writing came about at an early stage by reading comic books. X-men, Spiderman, and so on. The genre that always captures me is sci-fi and fantasy and the supernatural. But really loving spy stories and political and courtroom dramas, but they are better on TV, such were as JAG, The West Wing, Designated Survivor, and a few more.

I enjoy reading from Terry Godkind (RIP) Asimov, Ron Hubbard, Frank Herbert, Weis-Hickman

Noor: Science fiction runs on the concept of scientific principles as a base but reins mostly on imagination. What do you think, should science fiction be taken seriously or treated just as a fictional read? 

Keith Brandon: It deserves more credit. Just look at Star Trek. They had an early version of tablets and nowadays we use them. Or look at the progression Elon Musk makes. If we don’t watch out, we could be in a Starfleet by tomorrow. 😊

Noor: The ending tells us, this is a series. Have you decided how many parts are there in the series? 

Keith Brandon: Yes, about 5 parts. Might be a book 6 but I guess 5 will complete it.

Noor: The abrupt death of the astronauts during the space exploration, left me as a reader crumpled and wondering at the uncertainty of life. The way rest four of them carried on with their duty, keeping their emotions in check was so inspiring. This reminded me of the fatal incident, met by Kalpana Chawla and crew on their mission. Did you also take inspiration from any such real-life event? 

Keith Brandon: Yes, I do. Real-life events even if they are tragic or sad, teach us lessons to be learned.

Noor: We have been reading about the end of human civilization and the planet Earth for quite some time. Also, there were a few sci-fi reads on the pandemic which would put the entire world on a standstill and it actually happened. Your comments. From where do these ideas crop up or come about? 

Keith Brandon: They come from ancient myths, religious scripts, and philosophies. Nearly all gave guesses of an ending of the world or a drastic turn of events that would restart civilization. But today’s diseases seem to be more and more man-made.

Noor: Is there any message you want to convey to the budding writers and/ or our readers? In addition to sci-fi, which genre fascinates you? 

Keith Brandon: Read and expand your mind, your world, and imagination. I love spy and political dramas as stated before. They use logic and intellect that are necessary to ser through things and bring solutions about. Both in writing fiction and real life. 

Thank you so much for your time and inputs. Eagerly waiting for the sequel. 

Author: Keith Brandon 
Title: The Lost Universe 
Interviewed By: Noor
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