Author Interview | Abhay N. Sing | The Literature Today

Author Interview | Abhay N. Sing | The Literature Today

February 15, 2021 0 By Evincepub Publishing

Que: First and foremost, I would like to congratulate you on the publishing of your book, “The Perfect 5”. How has the response to the book been so far?

Abhay N. Singh: Thank you so much for your appreciation, well as far as response to the book is concerned, has been pretty satisfying since it is being appreciated by people and also doing good as far as sale of the book is concerned. 

Que: How did the idea of writing a book on the most feared aspects of getting a job come to you?

Abhay N. Singh: The idea of writing this book had been in my mind for quite a long time since I have been running an institute of language and personality development and I train all the competitive students and I felt a great need of this kind of book because most of the students do lack the basic skills when it comes to face the interview and get the kind of job they aim to get.

Que: How far did your experience contribute in your writing of the book? Did you have any particular audience like freshers or experienced candidates in mind while writing the book?

Abhay N. Singh: It was purely  my own experiences that I have used and described  in this book and I did have a specific  audience  before I thought  to write this book and my audience were my own students  and other aspirants who are trying  hard to make their marks in professional  life .this book has been designed  for both the working  people  and as well as competitive  students. 

Que: What is the story behind the title, “The Perfect 5”? How did you come up with it?

Abhay N. Singh: The story , behind  naming this  book “The Perfect 5 “ is very simple  and sensible and it is because the book contains  5 main topics  of professional  career .Interview, Group Discussion, Presentation, Effective Communication and Manners etiquette, that is why I named this book” The Perfect 5.”

Que: Since you have ventured into book writing, is there any book or any author that you enjoy reading?

Abhay N. Singh: Well ,I am not  that much passionate  about reading  books but yes whenever  I get time ,I do prefer  reading  books based on academic  and  motivations , I also do enjoy  reading  Mr Chetan  Bhagat’s books .

Que: Very less books have been written on the aspects of getting a job. This is extremely crucial and yet so less is written on it. What according to you could be the probable reason?

Abhay N. Singh: Well ,if you would take my opinion  on this ,I would say that in a digital  time people fight shy of reading books ,they feel like finding  answers  and solutions  from the social  platforms and even few those who are fond of reading  books ,prefer  reading  fiction  books or novels or a story  based books ,they find it quite  entertaining ,but in my view  this is not good. People must take an interest in reading such kind of books which help you to develop your personality and skills.

Que: Are you aware about the present day writing? What are your views on that?

Abhay N. Singh: I may not be much aware of the present scenario  of writing books since this is my very first book but undoubtedly  I will turn out to be a professional  writer and at the same time I look forward  to finding  ideas of writing by having an eye at others  author. This is my ultimate goal to be a professional writer who can contribute to make changes in people’s life and can also help those aspirants who are finding a little hard to get through at their careers and jobs.

Que: Since “The Perfect 5” is a practical and non-fictional work, can the readers expect any work of fiction from you in the future? Please share about your future projects.

Abhay N. Singh: Yes ,of course  I would be interested  in writing  few fiction  books also ,as I have mentioned  that I want to be a professional  writer in future and I do have some books in progress, but first my prime focus  will be on writing few more nonfiction  and academic  books like Crack the interview, How to be self-made ,Defuse  the depression a name to few and then I will pay heed to writing  few nonfiction  books .

Que: Although you have mentioned all areas in detail in your book, but which according to you is/are the areas in which maximum candidates are lagging?

Abhay N. Singh: The areas and skills that candidates  lack are the skill of communication  and the skill of Presentation ,most of the students  who I have come across ,do not have even basic idea of presenting  or even communicating, they may be very good at knowledge but they do lack the skills and attitude  which are very important  when it comes to face any interview  or go for any Presentation. I personally have interacted with many students who don’t even know how to introduce properly .most of the time they find it very difficult to transfer their knowledge with proper skills.

Que: How easy or difficult was it for you to decide the layout of your book and the aspects you intended to cover?

Abhay N. Singh: To be very honest ,it was not tough at all for me since I have been in this profession  for a very long time ,it was just to transfer my knowledge  and experience in black and white, whatever  I felt during  my training  and teaching  time ,I  just drafted all those in this book ,on the contrary, I enjoyed  writing  this book and the most satisfying  thing is that every words mentioned  in this book are mine .all the points, ideas and concerns are my own creations. It was very exciting experience for me and I just had a great time while writing this book.

Que: In the present day’s fiercely competitive world, what according to you should a candidate do to ensure his/her success?

Abhay N. Singh: Abhay N. Singh: As it is quite well known fact that every company department and organization needs his or her employees to be like a package, merely knowledge is not sufficient to get succeeded, the one has to have a mix of Knowledge, Skills and Attitude. According to me, these three are the pillars of success, in every interview or at any Presentation, three aspects are judged, the first one is who are you? Means your own personality, the second one is what do you have? Means your knowledge and the third one is how do you present or transfer that knowledge means your Skills, so knowledge skills and attitude are the essential aspects for any success.

Que: Is there any suggestion you would like to give to job aspirants of today

Abhay N. Singh: I just want to tell all the job aspirants that they should present themselves as a package and as a brand not just as a product, and to be a brand, you need to pose all three aspects Knowledge, Skills and attitude. I would  like to suggest  them that along  with their studies they should  also develop  their skills and presentation qualities they should keep participating at debates, seminars and other activities where they can groom themselves  as a better presenters, only knowledge  is not enough ,they need to be fully  skilled  at the same time they also need to update  themselves with the current  events  and happenings and should  be prepared  to put their views  and opinions. They should not fight shy of participating at these kind of activities. They have to be very good at communicating something to someone. Presentation and Communication have to be taken seriously. 

Que: Thank you for having this pleasant conversation. I wish you the best for your future ventures.

Abhay N. Singh: Thank you so much, it was indeed pleasure sharing these ideas with you, I do appreciate your interest being shown in this conversation. Wish u a very good luck. 


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