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The Literature Today: Welcome to our author feature section, Fouz and congratulations for the release of your book. What encourages you to become an Author?
Author: When I started writing with a community of writers, some of my friends started encouraging me to publish them as a book. Though underestimated myself initially, the seed started growing in my mind as the greatest wish to be fulfilled. Following some of the self published poets gave me the confidence to become an author today.

The Literature Today:
Tell us something about your published book. How you started writing and the inspiration behind it?
Author: My published book, “Dilemmatic” a poetry collection, happened gradually. I didn’t start writing in the hope of making a book. When I decided to publish, I shortlisted some of my writings according to the title in mind. Then divided them into five parts like the journey of a woman’s life where she was left alone depressed and disappointed and then rising back to life as phoenix bird. I would like to dedicate “dilemmatic” to all the women in the world who are silently suffering.

The Literature Today:
What is your current goal in writing career?
Author: “Dilemmatic” is my stepping stone to a new challenge. I want to improve myself with each work. Current goal is to break my own records and challenge myself and start working on the second book.

The Literature Today:
What are your achievements so far?
Author: Publishing my very first book as a big surprise to my family and friends remains the greatest achievement so far.

The Literature Today:
What you love to write the most. What is your favourite genre in writing and reading?
Author: I am yet to finalise or recognize my favourite genre or the genre which really suits me. In the time being, poetry and random short stories are what I am going on with. But in future would definitely want to try novel.

The Literature Today:
Are you writing other books as well, let us know about the same.
Author: Currently I am focusing on poetry and short stories only. Will be working on my next book soon.

The Literature Today:
Many authors and readers will come across this article. What is your message to those readers and authors?
Author: Always listen to your thoughts. Do not ignore any. Your thoughts are trying to pass a message through you to the world. Write down messages, use your creativity to make it more presentable. Keep learning and keep educating yourself day by day. There is no end to wisdom. And if you already started writing, never stop it. If you already published your first book, do not think it is the end. Your first book is your key to your next book. Use it to open the next treasure that’s waiting for you.

Buy Book: Dilemmatic on Amazon
Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing (11 December 2019)
ISBN-10: 9389482666
ISBN-13: 978-9389482669

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