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I am pleased to inform you that Dr. Vipin Gupta’s second book has been launched recently. What is Present Reality (In a nutshell) comes out as the second instalment in his 12 book project. And I am all the more happy to tell you that I got an opportunity to interact with him all over again. As we know, Dr. Gupta is an acclaimed name in the world of management. A professor and co director for the Centre of Global Management at the Jack H. Brown college, he has a number of books and articles published under his name. This interaction is specifically for his book, What is the Present Reality?


Que: First of all, I congratulate you Dr. Gupta for the success of your first book, What is Divine Energy. Secondly, I am grateful to be associated with you again for your second book. You are a huge personality in your professional front. Your books…your articles are like commandments in the management world. As I am an author myself, I seriously wish to know, how do you feel when your books are received so well in the market? I mean you have nothing to lose in your career, so I am just curious if you too feel that Goosebumps kind of feeling when you see someone praising your work?
Dr. Vipin Gupta: I thank you so much for your praise.   The purpose of my work is to illuminate everybody about their divinity, i.e., their impact on the world and present reality, so that they may become more conscious of how to pragmatically channel their divine energy for fruitful, everlasting accomplishments.   As a professor, I get Goosebumps when the readers and the students find joy from their new consciousness and become the light force for universalizing that joy.  


Que: I have read your first book and seriously waited to know what else analogies you were going to provide in What is Present Reality. For our readers I would like you to talk about the connecting link between your two books.
Dr. Vipin Gupta:  Present reality is about the reality guided, programmed, and curved by the transcendental effects of the infinite past realities.   It comprises two-dimensions.  A general dimension, shaped by the linear divinities of diverse entities.  A special dimension, shaped by our non-linear divinity seeking to transform the convergent-effect of the diverse past realities.    Let’s take an analogy.  A nation is a general dimension of the citizens, each generating their special, unique citizenship-effect.  A general dimension is a sum of the linear divinities of the special, unique, individual entities.   A citizen is a special dimension of the nation; a citizen’s divinity shapes the nation as a general collective group.   

Each citizen as a special entity produces a subtle, linear impact on the nation, as a function of its unique essential nature.  The nation as a general entity produces a gross, nonlinear curving impact on each citizen.   Each citizen experiences the consciousness of a metaphysical force limiting its freedom to sustain its subtle, linear impact.   The gross impact galvanizes each citizen to transform the channelizing of its divine energy for accommodating the national-level concordant-effects, while overshadowing and compensating for the discordant effects.   

If a citizen knows how to trade all the concordant-effects, without being limited by the discordant-effects, then it enjoys the power to effortlessly realize what it wishes without investing its divine energy.  Such citizen becomes free from the limits of the scientific paradigm, according to which a discordant action is a must for realizing a concordant goal.  If one is conscious of concordant forces, then no discordant action is needed to destroy the discordant-effects.   In such condition, one becomes a master of realizing every wish through the path of non-violence.   

When one activates one’s divine energy for transforming the present reality, one produces discordant parabolic-effects that are violent and chaotic.  When one knows how to service one’s special divine energy for multiplying the general concordant-effects, one becomes the King (Indra) whose divine energy has everlasting impact on the present reality.   Thus, divine energy and present reality are integrally related.   Our divine energy is the source of the present reality.   We are the makers of the present reality.   If we do not like it, we must take full responsibility for managing our divine energy to make it desirable.


Que: Your book talks about neoclassical thermodynamism, post modern quantum indeterminism.  Why don’t you tell us something about these terms?
Dr. Vipin Gupta:  The classical view of the present reality is one of determinism.  A para deity in the past serviced HIS divine energy for creating the everlasting perpetuating value.   One can scientifically measure that perpetuating value and infer the value of divine energy.  The perpetuating value is half the divine energy.  The perpetuating value is the value left for the future, after consuming half over the past, if the present mediates the other two dividing time dimensions—of which one forms what is illuminated and one is the shadow of that illuminated value. 

The neoclassical view is one of thermodynamism.  As a divine entity capable of servicing divine energy, we trade the electrons gravitating as an electric force from a para deity and service the protons that gravitate as a magnetic force for curving the linear flow of the electron gas beam.  As a medium that is exchanging extrinsic gravitoelectric-effect with our intrinsic gravitomagnetic-effect for attracting the wishable intended by our divine plan, we degenerate the nucleus of cold gas sentient energy within us into hot air of gravitoelectromagnetic force.    Instead of an absolute zero cold state, where we are conscious about the electron gas beam without us, we become entangled with the photonic light beam.   We become more interested in knowing whether our divine plan materializes.   The thermodynamic heat degenerates our sentience and physical body.  By self-destroying, we let the para entity’s divine energy perpetuate and fail to materialize our divinity.

The modern view is one of probabilistic relativism.   In the modern age, each entity is a devoted follower of the scientific paradigm that theorizes that each of us is just an observer not capable of varying the perpetuating value through our divine energy.  At best, we can change the relative probability of the subjective identification by the universe of observers.   We can become the past reality, the object formed by mediating the divine-effect of God—the para deity, that everybody devotionally and blindly refers.  We can enforce a paradigm of referential reality and become that referential ideal, who alone mediates God’s divine energy.    Thus, we can become a primeval deity, the infinite deity revered by all; or a supreme deity, revered by relatively all but probably not the infinite deity.  

The post-modern view is one of quantum indeterminism.   The smartheads recognize that the modern age is creating a market for entrepreneurial supreme deities, each contesting to create a parabolic model of chaotic relativity.   Each supreme deity enjoys varying reverential reference in diverse local markets, differentiated by disciplines, languages, and groups.   Therefore, the reverence is becoming quantized and commoditized, which is tradable and mutable.   Even a dumbass anybody can become a star, i.e., super deity, who knows how to manipulate the market for entrepreneurial supreme deities.   By multiplying stardom across diverse local markets, somebody who is a local star can become a supra deity, who manifests the desired management power, without fearing the entrepreneurial market entropy.   Thus, there is no certainty that a para deity’s perpetuating value will not transform into the entropy value, as Mother Nature liberates everybody to enjoy the freedom gifted by her as a primordial deity to each of her children.  

Que: Many of our readers are still ignorant about your motivation towards this project. Can you please put some light over, why did you choose such a topic of integrating nature with science?
Dr. Vipin Gupta: I have named the project as “Vastly Integrated Processes Inside Nature”, or VIPIN in short.  My name Vipin means a garden without walls.  For appreciating a garden’s beauty, we must focus our consciousness to the garden within the walls that wholly integrate the processes shaping the garden’s truth at varying time moments.  Only then we will become conscious of the param deity who is transforming oneself into the devoted deity, devoted to perpetuating the garden’s beauty by showing the seeds for giving birth to the plants, nourishing the plants for them to grow flowers and fruits, consume the fruits on their maturity after enjoying the beauty of the blossoming garden and the diverse animals and birds attracted by that, and produce the death of the plants, so that the garden may reincarnate in a new form, thus keeping the mystery of unfolding reality alive and beautiful.   In such a case, divine energy does not become the perpetuating value.   It fulfils the goal of forming a culture of organic change and growth and makes one the invisible holy spirit who has infused that everlasting culture of perpetuating positive exchange within the devotees who wish to enjoy their divine energy.    This project is about bringing such a cultural transformation at the international level by infusing self-awareness about Mother Nature’s truth.

Que: There are many scientific terms used. Do you think this book can enlighten anyone who is not of a science background? 
Dr. Vipin Gupta: Science has many forms.  At its essence, science is a method for understanding the reality by quantifying its effect.  The effect is the force that one generates to transform everybody’s consciousness about one’s reality.   Unfortunately, it is not possible to understand the reality from its quantified effect.    For instance, universe has an energy value.   That does not mean that an entity’s energy value is a proportion of that.   One needs to use a range of methods to understand the varying energy values of the varying objects, subjects, and entities, and the exchange relationships among them.   Reality is a sum of both the qualitative values and the quantifiable effects.   To understand qualitative values, one needs an open mind for grasping the intuition and reason.  Scientists are bound by their conventions that prioritize the referential ideals and referrable theories, to fill the gap between the reality and the quantified effects.   Therefore, this book can enlighten only one who is not of a science background, as those with a science background have culturally bounded their rationalities and shut their minds to the possibility of knowing the reality with certainty, without any measurement error.

Que: The third chapter is very interesting in your book. Please tell us something about those ocean strategies and colour concepts about reality.
Dr. Vipin Gupta: The essence of creation is a double octave of colors.   Science talks about seven natural colors VIBGYOR that form the natural rainbow.   Scientists are not aware of the metaphysical frequencies of the diverse colors.   The double octave of colors comprises individualized inverse IBGYOR and a denary of colors—rainbow color IBGYOR as a collective within and without the greyish blackened violet, white, purple, and the six individualized IBGYOR.   The denary of colors, the collective inverse IBGYOR, and the collective IBGYOR are the twelve dimensions of colors that correlate with twelve astronomic objects (Vega white star, Dark matter, Moon, Sun, and eight planets).   The collective inverse IBGYOR is individualized by the Black Hole.  The individualized color particles form the diverse oceans, such as the red ocean of blood within the physical body, the purple ocean of porphyrin that constitutes the nucleus of leucocytes—the white blood cells.  Brain’s white matter services the white electron gas that solidifies into blackened nucleus and services sentient energy in the form of purple ocean.  After enjoying the blue ocean of sentient consciousness, the heart produces the red ocean of para consciousness (i.e., the borrowed consciousness) in the form of the consciousness-seducing red blood.  An animalistic prokaryote borrows its consciousness from the vegan eukaryote’s green ocean of chlorophyll for cleansing the blackening red ocean.  Thus, different colors get their properties based on their metaphysical significance.   Different astronomical entities generate varying astrological and zodiac effects based on the colors they irradiate and radiate.  

Que: Please share that interesting analogy of the various life forms that you explained in the 9th chapter; about the prokaryotes, eukaryotes and finally about the spirit without the satanic energy.
Dr. Vipin Gupta: The essence of biophysical forms in the universe is immanent within six life forms: phage, archaeon, bacterium, eukaryote, prokaryote, and the spirit that works as the epigenetic cell for transforming an inanimate atom into an animate cell.    The phage is the entity apparatus, that is essentially the ether element, which literally means reproduction.  The phage is Mother Nature’s method for pure reproduction of our entity apparatus as is.   It allows for the old cells to destroy and incarnate as new cells for perpetuating our entity value.

The archaeon is the cultural, astronomical apparatus, that curves the entity apparatus by impregnating that with its localized reality, thus giving birth to a present creation, known as Ganesha in India and ester in science.  The present creation is capable of transforming oneself into the universe of sentient entities by sequentially incarnating infinite child entities.  The energy of archaeon is twice that of ether, because the cultural system includes a reproduction of the entity apparatus and a reproduction of the localized universe as a para entity apparatus.  

The bacterium is the sentient, zodiac apparatus, that empowers the entity to parabolically assert its constant power over the chaotic, transient, ever-vanishing, and transforming localized reality.  The entity asserts its constant power through the messenger RNA.  The para entity asserts its variable power by catalyzing the entity to be conscious of its growing curving power coded as proteins.   Its energy is thrice that of ether, because it produces the entity apparatus that is reproduced both within and without the entity.

The eukaryote is the white blood apparatus, that services the sentient energy that empowers a param entity to generate an absolute power distance that makes the entity dependent on its oxygen gas for breathing.   That param entity is the ascending future of the entity, that experiences thermodynamic entropy due to the oxygenated carbonization and diffusion of its sentience.  

The prokaryote is the red blood apparatus, that services the thermodynamic energy that diffuses the carbon in the form of the white hydrogen gas and let the universe of inanimate atoms enjoy the benefit of the entity’s diffused sentience.  

The entity divides into the hydrogen element comprising the sentient-effect in the form of the soul and the epigenetic cell comprising the entity as a diffused spirit.   The epigenetic cell transforms the inanimate atom into the animate cell, without the para entity’s satanic energy.

Que: Is reality beyond our scientific assimilation?
Dr. Vipin Gupta: The reality is the sentient entity, responsible for illuminating the diverse forms of reality with its sentient light force.   A sentient entity is the conscious entity, known as Siddha in India.   Even an entity is beyond our scientific assimilation, without knowing the sensible method for consciously investigating an entity.   Once we know the appropriate science, we can sensibly manage the process of scientific assimilation of even a conscious entity that constitutes the reality.  Mother Nature lets a conscious devoted entity program its planning within the child devotee entities through the DNA, which is the astrological apparatus.

Que: What is the secret of Almighty creation? Your explanation in the last chapter is quite enticing. Please share something about that.
Dr. Vipin Gupta: Almighty Creation is known as Mother Durga in India.   She is a perfected element, formed with the convergent energy of the universe.   Therefore, she is a manageable factor, without any divergent satanic byproduct.   By knowing how to manage the universe’s convergent energy, we can be the Almighty Creature—the organizational performer (Rachayita) performing to organize that convergent energy for fulfilling an infinity of divergent wishes and forming the desired future reality, without limitations of the present reality.

Que: What is the crowd puller for this book and why do you think people should read What is Present Reality?
Dr. Vipin Gupta: The crowd puller for this book is anybody with sentient energy who wishes to master the secret of their present reality, so that they may invest their sentient energy for guiding the universe of entities about how to benefit from their unique divine energy to live life joyfully.

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