The Family Man 2 Review: Manoj Bajpayee the TASC agent, outshines Bajpayee the family man in this thrilling outing

With Manoj Bajpayee playing Srikant Tiwari, a spy or senior agent and analyst at Threat Analysis and Surveillance Cell (TASC) of National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India, The Family Man Season 1 is a fast paced action thriller web series available on Amazon Prime based on incidents and events covered in leading dailies of the country.

As the title goes, the protagonist Srikant Tiwari is a married man with a son and a daughter but to whom he is unable to spare enough time for due to his busy schedule. He is often undermined by his family who do not understand much about the kind of work he is required to do at office hours which includes handling confidential information to tackling dangerous outcasts. His family also knows little about the fact that he is on a serious mission as a spy working for the Indian government. In the first season, the plot revolves around a potential terrorist attack that runs parallel to Srikant Tiwari’s stressful family life. Nonetheless, he is a family man and a patriot, and how he juggles the two roles is what is fascinating in this series.

The plot is rather edgy and will keep viewers thrilled to the utmost level. It is full of drama and action. It is divided into 10 episodes. Each episode is given a certain name that provides an inkling of what is to follow in that episode. There are ample plot twists and the suspense is held high till the last scene of the tenth episode. While the first few episodes are inclined towards drawing out the character of Srikant Tiwari and showing how he does not get along very well with his family, the last two episodes namely, Fighting Dirty and The Bomb are intensely passionate, slightly graphic and cinematically powerful.

There is a lot of slang and abusive language used. The content is sensitive and portrayed with utmost sensitivity. The dialogues are logically put than emotionally charged. Hence, this makes the incidents to be viewed under a lens of objectivity that calls for understanding the situation Srikant Tiwari is in and to sympathise with the difficulties and endless challenges that he has to face day and night. The background music is subtle without sensational drumming to create an eerie atmosphere. There are 14 songs in this season in Malayalam, Tamil, Kashmiri and Balochi other than Hindi.  

Most of the plot revolves around Srikant Tiwari. He looks like a loudmouth with the constant abusive language that is interspersed with the dialogues but in fact, he is an outspoken and frank person. As a round character with several challenges to face, he is rather brave, though frightened at several instances but quick to gather himself together and respond promptly to occurrences. His character has many sides to it. He is required to play the various roles of father, husband, public servant, and honest citizen all at once. The high risks involved in his job in contrast to the low pay may be verbally understated but clearly brought out through the action of the series. The series deals with a lot of tense moments and is clearly not for the weak-hearted.     

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