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The life journey of every person is different and unique. The experiences that each person gets are different and unique. In some cases, people find answers to their questions but sometimes, people go through a journey of awakening. These are a few words by which Olga Gomon’s Volume I of “The Games of Light and Shadow” Series, “Childhood With Elves” can be described. This is the debut work of the author, but the maturity she has shown is that of a writer who has been writing for long. On reading the title, it is uncertain as to what the book would be about, but one thing is certain, it revolves around childhood. But as soon as the readers open the first few pages, they understand that the book is not something they can just let go.

The author keeps the cover of the book simple and does not reveal anything to the reader. This simplicity of the cover is an indication of the transparent and honest ideas that the author shares in “Childhood With Elves.” Gomon begins the book on a note of crisis. It is more of something that many people face in their lives after that is her quest to find the answers to the questions in her mind. This is one of the factors that can make the readers want to read the book more than once. It will help them to improve and become better than their earlier version. It cannot be said that the book is in the category of motivational or spiritual literature; it is rather much more, a journey of enlightenment, spirituality, and learning for the purpose of attaining peace. 

It is interesting to observe that the author does not give any chapter divisions in the book. There are just brief headings symbolic of life being a series of episodes, one after the other. Gomon writes “Childhood With Elves” in such a manner that restricting the work to any particular set of readers would not imply complete justice to the substance of the book. The author at the beginning itself clarifies the fact as to how different readers will read and understand the book at different levels. For some, it would be a work of fiction, some may feel that it is the first step in the author’s spiritual journey, some will learn to meditate, or find answers to questions, others will discover the author’s meeting with her first teachers and some will read it as a fascinating fairytale where every word would be the truth. This is one the rarest of rare qualities found in literature. In early times, Jonathan Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” was one work that was open to reading for various groups of readers. 

One fact that can fascinate the readers is that Gomon has attached small notes on concepts related to spirituality at the end of almost every section. Many people may or may not have heard of these concepts, but on reading through, they gain clarity and a better understanding of things. She mentions terms like Dharma, Sankalpa, Karmic lessons, Shakti, Qi, and so many more. All this indicates her thorough and in depth understanding of concepts and facts related to spiritualtiy which, modern day people are less aware of. There is a lot to learn for everyone and if nothing else, a lot to update in terms of knowledge and learning. 

The length of the book might be a little longer than the usual length of books these days. But as the readers take a plunge into the text, the reading continues in a smooth manner, and they do not realize when they have read through. The author takes care of the fact that they do not lose track anywhere and continue to read the book as they flip through the pages. It is well known that Gomon had the extraordinary abilities to help people heal and improve. This book has given her the outlet of reaching out to a larger number of people who cannot contact her or who do not know about her. Her experience of traveling in numerous countries and the wisdom she has acquired finds a thorough reflection in “Childhood With Elves.” Since this is the first book, the readers can guess that there is a lot more to come from her pen, which is bound to enlighten them further.

Gomon keeps a language that is simple and easy for the readers to understand. For readers who are beginners and the readers who have had the habit of reading, this book is meant for all. “Childhood With Elves” is recommended to all readers, whether they read fiction or non-fiction, as this is one of the few books that is open to be read by all and understood by all in their ways. Everyone can read Gomon’s work and feel the differences in their lives.

Book Title: The Games of Light and Shadow
Author: Olga Gomon
Published by: Authorhouse (2020)
Reviewed By: Akhila at The Literture Today

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