Book Review – The Cabinet Conspiracy By Jigs Ashar

In the riveting world of political intrigue and clandestine manoeuvres, Author Jigs Ashar’s latest title, “The Cabinet Conspiracy” emerges as a tour de force in the genre of political thrillers. This meticulously crafted high octane thriller propels the readers into a realm where the stakes are high, the characters are complex, and the line between ally and adversary is thin as a razor’s edge. Interestingly, the manner in which the author has carried out the task of storytelling in this book is captivating enough to make the readers quench for more with every turn of the page, and this is something that actually makes this title reading worthy!

Jigs Ashar is an award-winning writer and banker turned consultant. His first short story, a thriller by the name of “The Wait is Killing” was adjudged a winner by none other than Jeffrey Archer in the Times of India – Write India Season 2 contest. Encouraged by this, Jigs wrote his second short story in a completely different genre. “Make (up) in India”, which is a humorous take on today’s families, and was adjudged a winner in the same season by Shobha De. His third short story, again a thriller titled “Duel” was shortlisted for the Juggernaut Short Story Prize for the year 2018. Jigs’ latest novel, “The Cabinet Conspiracy” is an international political thriller inspired by his favourite authors – Jeffrey Archer and Frederick Forsyth. The novel releases on 11th December 2023.

For his debut novels, “Insomnia and A Brutal Hand”, Jigs collaborated with Westland publications. Presented by Ravi Subramanian, the crime thrillers were released in 2020. Both have been re-released in 2023 by Harper Collins, and are currently being evaluated for a screen adaptation. Well, this particular book, “The Cabinet Conspiracy” was released by Srishti Publishers in December 2023 and is available in paperback as well as in e-book format. The readers can grab a copy of this title from any of the top online marketplaces!

This remarkable title, “The Cabinet Conspiracy” by AuthorJigs Ashar is a political thriller novel that comes under the category of ‘Crime Fiction!’ Well, the book is a pulse-pounding thriller that grips the readers from the very beginning and takes them on a relentless journey through the dark corridors of crime & mystery along with a touch of espionage. At the heart of this gripping narrative is Prime Minister Mahendra Doshi, a political figure of great influence who throws the political landscape into disarray by making an unexpected announcement. The intricacies of power play within the cabinet take centre stage as Doshi nominates a surprising candidate for the upcoming elections, leading to a web of conspiracies and a palpable tension that forms the backbone of the plot.

Moreover, author’s narrative brilliance shines through in the meticulous characterization that brings each player in this political chess game to life. The author masterfully weaves a tapestry of personas, each with their own motivations, ambitions, and shades of morality. The enigmatic figure of the Serpent, with ambitions aligned with foreign interests, adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, turning the political drama into a high-stakes thriller. Well, through the ‘59 Reading Worthy Chapters’ in this title, the author had made a very commendable attempt to take the readers into an action-filled journey of mysteries!

Coming to the Readers’ Connect part, it becomes obligatory to mention that the book is a precious read. The element of international conspiracy is deftly handled, injecting the plot with a sense of urgency and relevance to contemporary geopolitical dynamics. The author’s ability to seamlessly blend the political machinations with elements of mystery and espionage is commendable, making “The Cabinet Conspiracy” a standout in the realm of political thrillers. The narrative unfolds with an adrenaline-pumping pace, guided by the deft hand of a storyteller who understands the nuances of suspense and surprise. Ashar employs a series of twists and turns that keep readers on the edge of their seats, constantly questioning alliances and outcomes. The author’s ability to maintain tension throughout the narrative is a testament to the mastery of the genre.

Another very important aspect of this book is that the storyline is indeed engrossing & interesting and the narration style by the author is so amazingly lucid, that it would totally hook the readers until the very last page of this political thriller novel. Moreover, this is a book, which will make the readers think about the plot for several times, even after completing the title!

Now, coming to the final part of this review, i.e. the Book Verdict, we can conclude that a title like “The Cabinet Conspiracy” is for sure a MUST READone. Undoubtedly, the book deserves a chance by the readers, as it is an exhilarating and satisfying read for fans of the thriller, suspense, and crime fiction genres. The title is a triumph in the realm of political thrillers and with its intricate plot, well-defined characters, and a relentless pace; it stands as a testament to the author’s storytelling prowess. This book is indeed reading worthy for anyone who appreciates a finely crafted narrative that navigates the labyrinth of politics, conspiracy, and suspense with consummate skill.

In addition, the book is not merely a collection of stories but a cohesive mosaic, where each story contributes to the overarching conspiracy that unravels with every turn of the page. The author succeeds in constructing a tale that seamlessly combines the larger than life world of political power with the human stories that underpin it, which makes it even more enthralling!

Book Details:
Book: The Cabinet Conspiracy
Author: Jigs Ashar
Publisher: Srishti Publishers (2023)
Total Pages: 232

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