India Before and After 2014: Why Bharath needs BJP in 2024 | Observations of a Millennial | By Dr. B. Vinusha Reddy 

In ‘India Before And After 2014: Why Bharat Needs BJP,Dr. Vinusha Reddy offers a thought-provoking analysis of India’s political landscape during the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) era led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Published by Garuda Prakashan, the book delves into India’s transformation from a millennial perspective, highlighting key events, achievements, and challenges under the BJP government.

Dr. Reddy begins by comparing India’s socio-political climate pre- and post-2014, emphasizing significant shifts during the BJP’s tenure. Backed by meticulous research and personal anecdotes, she provides a nuanced analysis of government initiatives across sectors like infrastructure, healthcare, education, and social security.

A notable strength of the book lies in its realistic portrayal of India’s journey toward self-reliance and global recognition. Dr. Reddy showcases initiatives like Digital India and Make in India, positioning India as a global innovator and manufacturer. The narrative also explores personal transformation, reflecting broader societal changes and increased millennial involvement in Indian politics. Readers are prompted to reflect on civic responsibility and active citizenship.

The book delves into corruption and governance challenges, offering insights into India’s political complexities. Reddy highlights the government’s commitment to transparency and accountability, stressing the importance of ethical leadership in fostering public trust.

Her narrative is enriched by an analysis of India’s response to global crises like the Covid pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine War. Reddy illustrates India’s resilience and innovation, positioning it as a global powerhouse. Additionally, the book celebrates India’s cultural heritage and the revival of traditional values under the BJP government. Exploring topics such as women empowerment, infrastructure development, and national security, Reddy provides a comprehensive view of the government’s priorities.

At the book launch, BL Santhosh, BJP’s National General Secretary, praised Dr. Reddy’s ability to present complex socio-political issues in an engaging and informative manner, commending her meticulous research and captivating storytelling.

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