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Indian literature, which exemplifies the masters’ diverse range of abilities and experience, has served as the pinnacle of Indian civilization. Starting from the Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas, the supreme knowledge, commentaries, and work of ancient sages to the scientific research, ideologies, and history everything has been threaded into a garland called Literature. In this sequence, magazines have also played an important part, especially literary magazines like ‘The Literature Today’ is continuously keeping the flame of literature burning amongst people by promoting Indian literary masterpieces and authors across the globe. The best Indian Literary magazines are the ones who are giving regional literature and writers a platform to showcase their art and ideology in front of the world. Famous authors, thinkers, and revolutionaries initially started sharing their thoughts and work through the best Indian literary magazines in India. Indian Literature has played a pivotal role of preserving culture and history even after facing invasions and attempts to vanish the root of culture and tradition. The best Indian Literary Magazines are still working towards bringing regional cultures and traditions into people’s knowledge by promoting and providing platforms to indigenous writers. India a land of diversity is still unified by Indian Literature either in the form of religious texts, fictional stories, or any other genre, Indian Literature through regional newspapers or the best Indian magazines are doing an extremely difficult job of making the whole of India one with ease.

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