Yellow – The verses of hurting and healing | Book Review | Urja Joshi

Yellow – The verses of hurting and healing | Book Review | Urja Joshi

October 20, 2020 0 By The Literature Today

Writing is the most powerful way to express oneself. It becomes all the more powerful when the author uses poetry form to express themselves. The same powerful expression is seen in Urja Joshi’s work, “Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing.” The book’s title says a lot about it, yet the author keeps some meanings hidden, which can only be found out when the readers go through the verses. It is not necessary that there can be only one manner in which a person can get hurt, but whoever goes through a tough time can read this attempt of Joshi and see the effects her words have.

The poet gives a brief introduction to the work in the beginning. She clearly states that it is,

“a book written and illustrated by author, which is for everyone. for those who believe in love and compassion and for those who don’t. those who have healed and those who are still in process.”

This is an indication that the book is not just a straight set of verses that the author has composed but rather a collection of words that are likely to have a profound effect on the lives of the readers. Joshi may have used lesser words on every page in her verses, but her thoughts are strong and speak to the readers without diversions.

To concretize her ideas, the author uses ample illustrations in “Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing.” These images may be simple in their making, but they are necessary to make the readers understand the poet’s thoughts more closely. They also help the readers in connecting with the ideas in a more tangible way. To keep the readers connected throughout, the poet does not use any extraordinary language too. There is the ripeness of emotion, and it is conveyed through lesser and easy to understand words. 

The readers are already prepared that “Yellow” will be more like a journey that will make them sail through hurting and healing phases. What conspires in hurting and how an individual is affected by it, the author explores it all in her verses. Her writing style is not much like what readers would find these days; instead, the poet takes a form of writing where she uses fewer words to convey development in the life of a person. 

The version presented by the author may be from the viewpoint of a woman, but restricting the thoughts only to a woman would not be fair. The incidents and happenings that the author narrates are something that could occur in anyone’s life, whether it is a man or a woman. More or less, every person has gone through tough times where they have been hurt and are going through or have gone through the process of healing. Therefore, recommending “Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing.”to be read by all those who are going through ups and downs in life would not be wrong. At the same time, they would also get a share in the wisdom that the author has acquired through her experience or by observing others. But in short, it can be concluded that there will something to learn for one reader or the other once they take this book in their hands.

This is what makes “Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing,” a recommended reading for the younger generation and those who are grown up and mature. The healing process is not something that can happen overnight. But, with the reading of “Yellow: The Verses of Hurting and Healing,” the process may get some speed. The readers’ experience would be no less than rising from the ashes like a phoenix where the author shares the secrets of healing and getting better with each passing day.


Book Title: Yellow – The verses of hurting and healing
Author Name: Urja Joshi
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed By: Akhila at The Literature Today
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