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“The very being surrounding us is itself the future one day we will achieve. This is the time to take turn in right direction and set foot to the right path towards future!”

The book, “THE FOURTH EYE: An Untold Truth” is truly an unconventional narration of the events taking place in the life of the Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91. The setting of the plot takes place in quite an uncommon and extraordinary manner while the readers are bound to find some very idiosyncratic facets about the narrator of the story, in this book. The book begins by talking about the future and the righteous deeds, which we need to do today to make our future better!

The book, THE FOURTH EYE: An Untold Truth highlights the behavioural conduct of a person and human emotions like love, betrayal & trust. The book tends to focus upon the certain aspects of life like Affection and the Feeling of Guilt; The Authors goes deep with these subject matters in the book and explains how love and affection affects the conduct of a human and how the feeling of guilt brings the change in the behaviour of a human.

The Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91 is an optimistic person, who believes in the Truth & Transparency. The Author urges us to be the protagonist in our lives by accepting our mistakes and taking measures to rectify them. Also, the Author advocates the philosophy that the present is the most accurate time to take turn in the right direction and set foot to the right path towards the future.

The book aims to edify the readers about the importance of being truthful in life and choosing the right course of paths in any situation, which we may encounter in our lives. Also, the Author deeply talks about the society in this book and throws light upon the Our Generation, Social Networking, Science, Telecommunication – Future Science, Environment, Transportation, Medical Science, Education System, Substance Abuse, Judiciary, Emotions, Virtual World, Cinematography & Spirituality. So, from these subject matters readers will get to read a lot about our society, that too in a very unique manner!   

Although the plot of the book is praise worthy, but there are certain weak points in the plot too, as at certain points the story seems to be excessively stretched where the story could have been told much beautifully with the usage of less words also the addition of brackets at multiple points in the story for the purpose of explanation of the narrator’s ideas seemed much unnecessary. Readers would have really appreciated if the writing would have bit stronger and much to the point but anyways the Author needs to be appreciated for his work as his intentions are truly noble and directs the readers to choose the path of righteousness in every situation of live!

Moreover, if you are open to read something unique and unconventional, regardless of any genre, then this book “THE FOURTH EYE: An Untold Truth” should most certainly be in you bucket list as this truly is a Must Read. Happy Reading!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Author Name:  Aceflipper91
Book Title: THE FOURTH EYE : An Untold Truth
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (24 July 2019)                    
ISBN-13:  978-1646501694                                                             Paperback: 64 pages                                                                  Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet Theliteraturetoday

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