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“It’s the action of the person that makes him the Emperor. Moreover, the Emperor is not always the one who sits on the Throne with a Crown, rather the one with big heart and having the will to do something for the people is the Real Emperor!” 

The book, “SOUVENIR EMPEROR: By The People, For The People” is a Fictional Story of a boy, who is not just a thinker, believer, doer, creator but also an all-time emperor by the Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91. The setting of the plot highlights upon the boy, who plays an important role in the footnote of the History, to be remembered always!

The book, SOUVENIR EMPEROR: By The People, For The People talks about the incredible contribution of a boy and describes how his efforts helped others as well. The plot progresses with the story of the boy who created a path for others to walk upon. It is a unique story, picturizing a boy who strived hard to bring the positive changes in the society by uniting everyone and showing everybody, the ways of bringing a change in the society.

The Author, who goes by the Pen Name of ACEFLIPPER91 is an optimistic person, who believes in the Truth & Transparency. The Author urges us to be the protagonist in our lives by accepting our mistakes and taking measures to rectify them. Also, the Author advocates the philosophy that the present is the most accurate time to take turn in the right direction and set foot to the right path towards the future.

The book aims to bring a constructive and effective change into our society and talks about the importance of facing the harsh realities in life. Moreover, the Author believes in a better society and an even better relationship amongst the fellow humans. Through this book, the Author preaches about Humanity, Strengthening of the Society, Spirituality, Spiritual Upliftment, Truth and Transparency. Further, the book talks about those ultimate realities occurring in life in which one becomes helpless and cannot do anything about the situation, which makes us second guess our decisions and thereby seeking redemption!   

The plot of the book deserves much appreciation and the message which the book tends to give is really praise worthy. The book comes up with a very clear message of strengthening our society by bringing upon some much required changes and setting an example in the common mass regarding the ways of bringing upon those positive changes. The book is short and simple and indeed very much to the point reflecting the intentions and determination of the Author in an extremely clear manner.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to read something unique with a beautiful message then “SOUVENIR EMPEROR: By The People, For The People” is bound to provide you with much satisfaction and enjoyment. Add this unique fictional book in your Bucket List, which truly talks about some very nice aspects in regards with the betterment of the society. Happy Reading!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Author Name:  Aceflipper91
Book Title: Souvenir Emperor: By The People, For The People
Publisher: Notion Press; 1 edition (22 October  2019)                      ISBN-13:  978-1646502424                                                              Paperback: 18 pages                                                                   Buy BookAmazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Neel Preet Theliteraturetoday

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