Book Review – The Exchange Factor by Dr. Vipin Gupta

Dr. Vipin Gupta’s 11th instalment in his grandiose project VIPIN is enchanting, enlightening and equally encouraging to think beyond the scope of our modern physics. The tagline – Physics beyond Newton keeps the readers engrossed with every page turned. The book stems from the belief that we humans need each other to thrive amidst the unconditional power and energy of Mother Nature. Like its predecessors, the book focuses on the consciousness bestowed upon us by Mother Nature that lets us live joyfully with prosperity. In turn, we develop a mental map about living a life collectively by trading with the reality of Mother Nature. The concept indulges into bringing in an analogy with the Newtonian law of motion. While equating past’s action with present, it concludes present’s reaction to be equal to the future. Thus, if we subtract the reaction from the past’s action, we can achieve the future.

The premise begins while analysing the physics of future’s formation. The author assumes that one needs to transcend Isaac Newton and investigate the present’s action as a reaction to the past. Invariably, the laws of motion can be reframed again as – Every reaction has an equal and opposite action, although it is possible to enjoy absolute freedom from this law of limitation with conscious determination. Further, the author brings in the science of energy when he scripts the first chapter while equating exchange factor as causative factor. Similarly, the chapter also walks you through the culture factor and dictates how every species evolve naturally or supernaturally within a culture. The chapter takes an interesting turn while talking about the expansion factor through which the universe is expanding over time.

As you turn the pages, you are enlightened to see the close association between scientific analogies with our ancient scriptures. The book is written considering an intellectual audience who wish to see science and human life with a different perspective. The consecutive chapter talks about the sequential factor which points out how we all are transposable to different realms of realities. If there is a book that can make you ponder upon science fiction, this is it. Meticulously written, well researched, every topic untangles a critical element of our misconception. Readers will be thrilled to know the forty strokes reproducing the cause for the creation.

Quirky illustration in every chapter along with a mesmerising hook keeps the reader engaged with the flow. However, language is specifically targeted to an intellectual audience, thus making the book restricted in its scope. In the chapter of consequential factor, the author depicts the forms of twenty-six curves which depicts the normative, transformative, metaphysical and dynamic form. The same analogy is brought in with Greek alphabet as well. Also, Dr. Gupta makes exchange factor as dynamic factor and states that a child materializes a reality with the memory of an idea after the idea becomes a past reality. Author’s determination to introduce our ancient wisdom into modern science is well reflected as you proceed to every chapter. The fifth chapter intrigues further as it dwells with the theories of Physics into our real life.

Vipin Gupta’s efforts reflect upon a conscious determination to dig beyond the realms of modern science. The book is targeted for an intellectual audience who are specifically interested in unleashing the chronic limitations of scientific analogies. Lastly, author’s liberated imagination replicates a virtuous effort to raise the future generation beyond the limitations of modern science.

Book Title: The Exchange Factor
Author Name: Dr. Vipin Gupta
Reviewed by: Atrayee at The Literature Today
Rating: 4/5

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