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India’s New Delhi, July 20: BJP President Virendra Sachdeva, the chief guest from Delhi, introduced Bookalooza, a ground-breaking AI-powered self-publishing platform, during a gala launch ceremony hosted in the Dr. Ambedkar Center. This AI-based self-publishing platform has been made available just to K–12 students, giving them a special chance to publish their writings and begin making royalties from their original works.

Virendra Sachdeva emphasized the democratizing potential of Bookalooza in his keynote address. He claimed that this platform provides opportunities for aspiring young authors by eliminating constraints and inefficiencies in the publishing sector.

Authors of various ages are now able to share their stories with the world thanks to the self-publishing revolution. Join this expanding neighborhood. Young authors can demonstrate their abilities, express their originality, and receive worldwide recognition for their creative endeavors thanks to this cutting-edge service.

The possibility for students to earn royalties and publish even a single book is one of’s primary advantages. Young authors are motivated by this financial incentive, which also gives them a sense of pride in and achievement over their literary endeavors. Students who make money off of their books can learn a lot about the publishing business and start thinking like entrepreneurs at a young age.

Additionally, there is no cost associated with publishing a book because the platform allows aspiring authors to develop their ideal work for free and print copies of it as needed. The portal additionally offers print-on-demand services for a little fee.

Additionally, provides a variety of design options that let students customize the look of their books. Young authors are allowed to realize their thoughts, from cover designs to formatting options. Additionally, they can use AI to select an image or upload their own photo.

These tools stimulate artistic expression and creativity, letting students express their individuality and add eye-catching visuals to their publications. It includes a review process to guarantee the standard and suitability of the published materials. In order to ensure that the published books fulfill the necessary criteria, knowledgeable educators and literary experts analyze the submitted Book and offer helpful criticism and recommendations. With the assistance of this feedback cycle, students can improve their writing abilities and raise their overall writing performance.

Educators, principals, teachers, parents, and students from all over India have praised for use by kids in grades K–12. It is regarded as a potent instrument for developing literary skill, igniting creativity, and cultivating a passion for writing in young students. This platform has created new opportunities for budding authors to realize their potential and leave their imprint on the literary world by providing monetary awards, design flexibility, auto-spell check, and support for Hindi-language content.

To construct your Dream Book, go to the Bookalooza website at

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