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The novel “Lute of the nightingale” by a young novelist, Khosrul Hossain. His interest in reading philosophical writings has led him to write this novel. Khosrul Hossain is born and brought up in Kolkata. He has a very challenging life with his dream of writing the lengthiest book. He has grown up reading books and stories. I have already read many books this year. This one came as a surprise from Criticspace Journals and I reluctantly agreed. 
Is love means sacrifice? Is women’s life means sacrifice? Is there is the value of her beauty (which will be going to erase with time) not her heart, her soul???
Hey, guys, I’m here with the review of such a story which shows a straight forward mirror of women’s life, a true reality which is sad but the author narrated it beautifully through stories, poems and mom’s diary. So let’s starts its review.

“The winds comes across me blowing every moment,
Bewildered in love,
It whispered me, she had grown tired 
In looking for her lover…

The story revolves around the central character, Reshmi. The protagonist is mute, she is dumb, she cannot speak this is an exquisite protagonist who talks through her ink and eyes god gave her beautiful soul and heart forget to give to her.

Her mom is the world for her. But there are quotes says that “no beauty comes without pain”. She used to write a poem and threw it into the river from the bank which she used to sit since from her childhood, mom’s princess when turning to seventeen, One day she was sat on the bank unable to complete the poem, in irritation, she threw in a bottle without completing it.

That day flow of the river took reverse direction and she found the same bottle which was completed by someone else!!! Who must be that? Must be guy or girl or might be some person she might know, or a stranger… The mute girl falls in love with a young poet, Himaloy. Himaloy goes through the toughest time of his life. Destiny makes him rigorous. After losing the most precious thing from his life- his soulmate, he becomes totally careless and blindfolds about his life. 

Reshmi meets Himaloy in an unexpected way. Himaloy seems so nice to her that it took no time for the innocent girl to fall for him instantly. Reshmi’s mother comes to know about her daughter’s feelings for the young poet. She is so aghast because she believes her innocent daughter has to suffer now. Meanwhile, they discover an incurable, fatal disease hurling Reshmi towards a tremendously painful death. Reshmi notices her life to be changing. Amidst of all the suffering, her innocence rips apart and she learns the realities of life, about the world. She becomes fearless and matures with the growing pain. Ignoring Reshmi’s love, the young poet goes away. 

But her love is so acute. She feels that the more she is suffering, the more her love towards him is growing. She is dying but her eyes keep sparkling with thousands of dreams. Lying on her death bed, she finds herself living beyond this world. Does she meet her love at the end?

At times, the author takes the readers for a scenery long ride and events are over-stretched. However, for the readers who are patient and have been reading Hardy recently, this may well become a joy ride… Khosrul Hossain can keep a section of readers engaged with his wit and vision and the slow-moving plot and his nothing-doing characters. 

However, for modern readers, someone who reads the book today and has been habitual of reading fast-paced books, the novel holds too little to hold them and keep them excited about reading it. They might, in extreme scenarios, leave the book aside after a while and pick up something else – maybe a Dan Brown’s piece.

Technically, the novel is sound and interesting. It is perhaps one of those few novels by Hossain that is interesting in content as well as in abstract. You cannot ignore this piece and neither can you skip pages here. You have to go through it honestly and minutely. Jude’s story might arouse sympathy in you. Get your copy from Amazon and read this novel now.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Khosrul Hossain
Book Title:  Lute of the Nightingale
Publisher: Turquoise Publication (2019)
Buy Book: Amazon Page

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