Jay Shetty Announces New Book ‘8 Rules of Love’: ‘Don’t Waste Time on People Who Aren’t Good for You’ on the Occasion of his Birth Day

“Love is about learning to love ourselves in order to love others,” says the podcast host and former monk

Jay Shetty is sharing the love.

After receiving huge success from Shetty’s previous book Think Like a Monk is set to release a new book, titled 8 Rules of Love: How to Find It, Keep It, and Let It Go, on Jan. 31, 2023.

According to a press release, In his new book, Shetty, 34, lays out “specific, actionable steps” from first dates to breakups, to help readers “develop the skills to practice and nurture love,”

“Love is about learning to love ourselves in order to love others with so many perspectives, portraits and parables of love surrounding us every day, everyone’s definition of love is different and should be developed to allow you to enjoy that love every day,” says Shetty, who wed his wife, Radhi, in 2016.

“I won’t give you pickup lines to grab people’s attention. I won’t tell you how to make yourself into the person they want you to be or how to make them into who you want them to be,” he says. “This is about embracing your preferences and proclivities so you don’t waste time on people who aren’t good for you.”

Whether single, married or facing relationship obstacles, Shetty’s book will “guide you from loneliness to self-awareness,” he adds.

“We can’t know where and when we’ll find love, but we can prepare for it and practice what we’ve learned when we discover it,” says Shetty.

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