Jacinda Ardern, a former prime minister of New Zealand, will pen a book about leadership.

Jacinda Ardern, the former leader of New Zealand, has said that her book will be more about leadership than politics.
Ardern claimed in a post on Instagram on Friday that she was frequently asked if she would write about her five years as the head of New Zealand.

“At first, my answer was no. I didn’t want to write a book that hauled over the internal politics of the last five years, and then someone convinced me that I didn’t have to,” Ardern wrote.

“That maybe it might be worth expanding on some of things I talked about in my valedictory instead – like the idea you can be your own kind of leader and still make a difference. And so that’s what I’m planning to do.”

Ardern admitted that she didn’t know when the book would be released.

“But I hope when it’s done, it’s the kind of book that would have made a difference to my 14-year-old self,” Ardern wrote.

Ardern, then 37, was seen as a left-leaning icon on a worldwide scale when she was elected prime minister in 2017. She startled New Zealanders in January when she announced her resignation, citing a lack of “enough in the tank” to carry out the position honourably during an election year.

Following her appointment to twin fellowships at the Harvard Kennedy School, Arden has since stated she will temporarily join Harvard University this year. Additionally, she has taken on an unpaid position battling internet extremism.

Ardern was recognised this month with one of New Zealand’s highest honours for her leadership of the nation during a pandemic and mass massacre. People will now refer to her as Dame Jacinda because she was awarded a Dame Grand Companion.

Ardern claimed to be collaborating with a group of publishers, including Crown in the US, Macmillan in the UK, and Penguin in New Zealand and Australia. Requests for comments were not immediately answered by the publishers.

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