Failure Is Not an Option (When the Chips are Down Get up and Get Going) By Veer Sagar

Veer Sagar successfully converted from CEO to entrepreneur when he was 55, founding Selectronic, a pioneer of the back-office revolution in India. In this candid and unique book, a blend of self-help and memoir, Sagar takes you on his entrepreneurial journey. He illustrates his principles with stories from his life to help you develop the traits and responsibilities of an accomplished leader: to think out of the box, create successful teams, and nurture talent and innovation.

Sagar provides tips on how to make leading less daunting, including how to have difficult conversations with your bosses and peers and accept the vulnerability necessary to do good work, to enable you to set up and manage your own business. Think of Failure is not an Option as a motivational pep talk from your smartest friend and a must-read for anyone looking to build a successful career.

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