Missing In Action: Why You Should Care About Public Policy by Pranay Kotasthane

Title: Missing In Action: Why You Should Care About Public Policy
Author: Pranay Kotasthane
Pages: 368
Publisher: Penguin 
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About the Book: Missing in Action aims to change such perceptions through sketches from everyday experiences to illustrate India’s tryst with public policymaking. It acquaints the reader with some fundamental concepts of the public policy discipline. It explains the logic (or the lack of it!) of the Indian State’s actions, shortcomings, constraints, and workings. There have been many books about Indian society, but none so far about the Indian state. Missing in Action fills that gap, and how! Kotasthane and Jaitley are two of our finest thinkers, and their writing combines a surgeon’s precision with a poet’s art of revealing the unseen. They paint both the big picture and the small details. This book is a masterpiece that will be essential reading 50 years from now. If you want to understand India, you should read Missing in Action.

About the Auhor: Pranay Kotasthane is deputy director at the Takshashila Institution, where he teaches public policy, geopolitics, and public finance. His current area of research is semiconductor geopolitics. Pranay co-hosts Puliyabaazi, a popular Hindi podcast on public policy and politics.

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