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“The beauty of the life lays in the twists and turns of the events happening in our lives; Since, life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans!”

The book, “Won’t Let You Go, Won’t Let You Down” by Author Saumya Mathur is a beautiful narration of the events taking place in the life of a fifteen years old teenage boy, Steffer. Eventually, the plot also displays a love story, which makes this book a teenage romantic one! The plot starts with Steffer giving the introduction of what his life looked like and with the character sketches of his parents, mainly of his mother. This whole thing in the beginning revolves around the trip which Steffer was planning to have along with his friends. 

This book talks about a simple teenage love story, friendship and the various aspects existing in the life of the modern days’ teenagers! The setting of the plot takes place in an academy, where Steffer and his friends met for a three-year course. This experience of Steffer in the academy supplied him with his first for-life set of friends; also he encountered with his first big feeling of loss and desperation. Moreover, it was during this duration of three years in the academy that Steffer felt love for a girl for the very first time in his life.

The Author, Saumya Mathur was born on 25th October 2004, being 14 years of age is one of the youngest rising writers of India. He is an aspiring author and determined to take up his passion, writing as a career with Won’t Let You Go, Won’t Let You Down being his debut novel. He is from Firozabad near Agra, which landmarks the seventh wonder of the world, the Taj Mahal, Uttar Pradesh the most populous state of India. He is the third child of the family having two elder sisters. His family runs a business headed by his father V K Mathur. He currently attends a Christian school in Firozabad, his hometown. He had achievements in subject of English and grammar, which had indeed increased his confidence and made his dream stronger. His novel comes from experiences he had seen or heard of. However, some of the episodes are his real ones.  

Steffer Becott Jeramoa is not only just a Lead Character but also the one who gives the picture of the whole plot as the readers gets to know about the story through his words. His friends Stack Brownian, Ruckin Havesquieu, Gruver and Stabeff are some other addition of characters in the plot. Also, Steffer’s love interest Drimizle Hughes plays a very pivotal role in the whole plot. Hence, it’s not wrong to say that every character has individualistically contributed to build the story.

The story goes on becoming more interesting when Steffer develops feelings for a girl named, Drimizle Hughes, someone with whom he had went in the high school. Also, now he gets determined to enter into a romantic relationship with Drimizle, a girl whom he had always admired. In fact, she was the only girl whom he liked that much and only within a span of few years, she had become too important to him. It remains no secret that Drimizle literally becomes a part of his life. Readers will also find that Steffer did almost everything, which a fifteen years old teenager boy would have done in order to have the girl of his dream in his life although he never forced by any means to become a part of his life, which is something really positive.

Even though the plot of the book is praise worthy, but there are certain weak points in the plot too, as at certain points the story seems to be excessively stretched where the story could have been told much beautifully with the usage of less words also the addition of brackets at multiple points in the story for the purpose of explanation of the narrator’s ideas seemed much unnecessary. Readers would have really appreciated if the writing would have bit stronger and much to the point but anyways the Author needs to be appreciated for his work as he’s just a 14 years old school going boy.

The story is beautiful, ending up with a complete justice and fulfilling the readers’ expectations also it would not be wrong to say that the book is having a perfect ending. Since, happy endings satisfy the readers most when it comes to a love story. It holds dream, emotions, love, friendship and the truth. A tale of passion, love and loss, went far deeper than just a creative story. The author either selects a theme and builds story around it or vice a versa, whichever way he did in this plot seemed really the best for the storyline.

“Won’t Let You Go, Won’t Let You Down” the Book Title comes from the climax part of this book where the main female character, Drimizle Hughes says these same words to lead character of the plot, Steffer when he confessed about his true feelings for her. This truly makes the title of the book very much justified as the feeling of true love is expressed in a real delightful manner!

Moreover, if you are a romantic novel lover then this book should most certainly be in you bucket list as this truly is a Must Read teenage romantic novel. The characters are very well plotted and the beauty of a teenage life is picturized in such an incredible manner that you can actually visualize the situations occurring in the story, so don’t miss reading this one. Happy Reading!

Ratings: 3.5/5

Author Name: Saumya Mathur
Book Title:  Won’t Let You Go, Won’t Let You Down
Publisher: Evincepub Publishing
Reviewed by Neel Preet at theliteraturetoday

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