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A collection of poetry that will soothe the soul and enlighten the heart. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of nine poetry books and a series of peer reviewed-published poetic papers: 

“The Awakened One Poetics- published in October 2010,” “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul- published in October 2006,” 


 “A Trilogy of Poetry, Prose, and Thoughts for the Mind, Body, and Soul- published in October 2019.”  His fourth book, “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” released in February 2020. Published by Westbow Press, it is 138 pages long read full of great words and inspiring verses. It is poetry with biblical sounding. This book is a revelation having a unique style of poetry writing which truly captures the reader’s heart. His style gives poetic prayers resonance and depth. His poetry feeds the soul. 

Quoting his praise here, “Joseph S. Spence Sr. is indeed brilliant in his navigation of spiritual poetry themes in biblical forms in an intricate way that stands as a signature for his readers.”

He is the true ambassador for literature and is one of the most passionate poets of all time. His unique navigation of spiritual poetry themes in the biblical form is a modern-day book of Psalms.

He dedicates this book to his dear mother, Mrs. Olive Maud Spence (Justice), and father, Mr. Kenneth John Spence (Moses). The foreword is written by Reverend B. E. Coleman, Master of Divinity, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Reverend B. E. Coleman is the enlightened Pastor of Siloah Lutheran Church and School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has held a variety of significant offices in his ministry with livened congregations, taught sequencing and uplifting subjects on God’s kingdom at numerous places, and is wildly recognized as a dedicated servant of God by all congregations which he has been a shining light with God’s words of grace. Reverend Coleman’s teaching and preaching definitely is a favorable blessing from God to all he serves. The book stands out as a pleasant read with poetry and prose composed to enlighten the beholder. Each poem has relevance for better thinking and purification of the thought process.

The writer’s global exposure is evident in his presentation. Beginning with the book, it is divided into five sections.

The first section encompasses Regular Spiritual Poetic Forms. Here’s an excerpt. “In times like these, Believe in His everlasting power. He will rain down His loving shower. Call Him now; don’t be a fence dancer. In times like these, He has the answer!”.  The writer offers variety and inspiration through his words. He reiterates the fact, that God is the ultimate savior and is always eager to help his children. 

The second section has Poetic Prayer Forms and is especially for individuals with various ailments. It has prayers for specific issues or problems. For example. “Heavenly Father, Bless all parents of students. Guide and comfort them in taking care of children. Touch and comfort parents who have lost children. Look over the schools they attend and guard them. Protect them from shooters and school violence.”

The third section talks about Invented short spiritual poetic forms. It talks about the various forms of poetry. Here’s an excerpt, a tanka quintet; “Placed in a walled tomb, He did not die from their wounds. Dark days passed, no word. Resurrection on the third. Now they lift their hands in praise.”

The fourth section is called Epulaeryu Poems. It consists of epulaeryu spiritual septet poems. The form and style were created by Joseph S. Spence Sr. himself. The form and style were developed based on his worldwide travels while serving with the US Army. Here’s a sneak peek; Pottage of lentil and bread. Thank You, Lord, now fed With wheat, barley, and flour. Filled cups this hour Overflow with grace. Bless this taste. Yes!

The fifth and the last part of the book has Glossary of Spiritual Poetic Forms. This defines the forms and styles of poems read on the previous pages. Some of the definitions are in-depth. Some specify dates of creation, names of the inventors, and revisions into another form or style. A perfect ending to this awesome, insightful, positive book.

About the author: Joseph S. Spence Sr. is a professional poet, author, speaker, man of God, researcher, and book reviewer. He served as a United States Army commissioned officer of twenty-six years honorable service, and also as a lay minister with designated military Chaplains. He holds several degrees, including one in divinity from Faith Theological Seminary. He is currently a member of the Siloah Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

His book, “Trilogy Moments for the Mind, Body, and Soul,” won the Best Christian Poetry Award from Christian Story Tellers. “The Awakened One Poetics,” won 2nd place in the Critters Writers Workshop Best Author’s Pool, and was also the Publisher’s Best Seller.  

His writings have appeared in many national and international forums including Cram 7 Chicago Poetry, Sound of Poetry Review, Möbius Poetry, Autumn Leaves, Poetinis Druskininkų, Phoenix Magazine, Harvest of New Millennium, The Rubicon, Word Catalyst, Burns Chronicle, Newspapers, U. S. Army, The Edition, and Taj Mahal Review. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University and retired from the U.S. Army as an officer with over 20-years of service. 

He is a Goodwill Ambassador for the state of Arkansas and has received many poetry awards including the following: Poetry Ambassador Medal (USA), Poetry Bard Award (UK), Who’s Who in Poetry, (USA), Numerous Editor’s Choice Awards (USA), and Independent Poet Laureate (USA).  

He embraces paternal Scottish ancestry and is a member of the Scottish Poetry Bard, Robert Burns Club, Wisconsin.

This book is available in ebook format at a nominal price point of INR 299.25/- at amazon kindle. Poetry is a very delicate form of writing. It involves weaving deep thoughts in a beautiful writing style. This book is a wonderful take on spirituality, in a poetic form of writing style which is both positive and uplifting. In the author’s words, don’t forget to pray without ceasing, stay encouraged, be strong, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always! A precious and a must-read.

Ratings: 5/5

Author Name:  by Joseph S. Spence Sr.
Book Title: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Publisher: WestBow Press (21 February 2020)                      Paperback: 138 pages                                                                  
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