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Author Shreyan Laha is back with his third book after two historical fiction novels named “The Adventures Beyond Existence” (2014) and “Never Again” (2015). “Not Worth Living For” is the title of his new book. Now, we are here with the complete review of this novel as we have read it recently at Criticspace Journals. This novel is much similar genre to the first two novels of him but this time the author seems to have come up with deep research and fictional connectivity that are proving the fact “writing matures with time”. Yes, this is far better than any other novel you might have come across in this genre. So let’s start the review with the introduction of all the characters. 

The Characters:The story revolves around Shweta, who is a simple girl, the lead character of this novel and Alexander, who is a former spy of the RSV. Since two parallel stories move throughout the book, there are some other characters like Ishita and her cool friends, Aakriti, Devesh, Vivek, Preeti and Kevin. Ishita, who is a free minded and emotional girl, falls in love with Vivek. 

The Plot: We must appreciate the author’s imagination regarding the story as he has perfectly set it in two different plots. Shweta finds herself in a place that is completely different. She gets to know that she has come up in Isthenope, a different planet totally, which seems too beautiful and real. The keepers of the planet help Shweta to be habituated in the new planet as they do the same for every new arrival. She told that she would return to the Earth after spending the pre-decided time there. Alexander, which is another main character of the picture, seems to be a good and helping gentleman. He helps Shweta to survive and introduces her with all the aspects in Isthenope. Alexander falls in love with Shweta and he expresses his feelings to her too… 

As there are two different stories, another we witness on the Earth, in St. Pierce College, Mumbai. After getting admission to her dream college, Ishita is leading her life with her friends happily. Ishita and Vivek started loving each other and here we come across a beautiful love story. But soon, an incident happens while Ishita was having a night out with her friends. Her body is found raped and unconscious. 

These two stories move alternatively and there are lots of things to discover in both of these plots. And this is how you will get the true taste of an adventurous fiction with full of suspense and mysteries to be unfolded. Do Ishita and Shweta share something in common? Who has done this to Ishita? Who are the culprits of her rape? Will Shweta be ever able to return to her planet? Trust me, there are lot more to discover. We will not spoil your interest by unfolding the secrets right here! 

Target Audience:There are intrigues, secrets and a chase of some connections in these stories. A large number of other thriller elements are there which the readers of this modern day will surely enjoy. The readers who love to read fiction novels should surely go through Shreyan Laha’s “Not Worth Living For”. 

My Review: My concluding remark about this book would be – superb! After many days, I have found something of this kind and truly enjoyed the book to the end. There is a great fusion of two planets and the relation of people with that. Shreyan has done justice to his work. He has presented a quality production to the readers that they will love this book for sure. Go for it guys and make your Sunday great… happy reading! 

Ratings: 4.5/5

Author Name:  Shreyan Laha
Publisher: Bigfoot Publications Ltd. (2018)                                       Buy Book: Amazon  Store                                                  Reviewed by Theliteraturetoday

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