Top 5 Editing & Publishing Houses in India

If you have ever wondered what the pre-requisite for being a good publishing house is, this may help you:

  • The experience, expertise, and success in the publishing industry.
  • Reputation with the authors and literary agents.
  • People who stick to rules and respect commitment (you will know this by doing a bit of your own market research).
  • A proper team comprising of an editor, a copy editor/QC person (for plagiarism check and formatting), a PR person, and a design resource person.

All of this is easier said than done, you may think getting this information is a tad bit difficult, to which I concur. Here are a few tips that may help you to get a fair information about the publisher and the publishing house.

1. Check blogs and forums by writers, these are the best places where individuals with experience with the publishing house share their thoughts and observations about their publishers, agents, and editors.

2. Once you have decided on your genre check on internet which publishing houses have expertise in that genre, how many bestsellers have they churned out, the kind of feedback they have received.

3. social media is a powerful platform, check the social media handles of the publishers, how they interact with readers, how they promote their upcoming publications, do authors follow them, their visibility on social media.

4. Not every book will be a success story, however, how well the publishing house manages failures and success is a key point one must observe, you can gather this information from sites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Goodreads.

The trait of a successful publisher is that they are often avid readers and writers themselves, hence abreast with the market pulse. They have a keen acumen of publishing and promoting their assets. It is important that the publisher understands the pulse of a reader, how to meet a reader’s expectations, and what will make the reader invest in their books. A good publisher often reads what they publish, so they can speak about their product with confidence on a personal as well as an engaging level.

The good part though is that publishers want the same thing as the authors want: to create great books that will leave a legacy.

To help you further, here is the list of the top 5 upcoming trustworthy publishing houses in India.


They give the much-needed final touch-up to the manuscript, and ensure creative efforts are full-proof and error-free. They explore your writing interest and take it to its deserved height. They believe in being your creative companion. At Inkerspress, they promote new talents irrespective of age or gender and give shape to your stories. (


They nurture, curate, and give life to content you love.  They encourage talent, new or old, and provide a great platform for beautiful stories. (


They assist authors in publishing their books for through our collaborations with a huge network of globally diverse print-on-demand providers and book distributors. (


They work with the motto that ‘every reader can be an author’ thereby encouraging everyone to tell their story. (


Petals was founded with the motive of serving the Literary Industry by all means. As a first-time author you stand a fair chance of your work being accepted. (

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