The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry

Book: The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry

Editor: Dr. Farzana Ali

Publisher: Authorspress (2021)

Total Pages: 186

Reviewed By: Neel Preet

With a collection of Research Papers/Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews, the title, “The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry” has simply made the literary works of Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha stand everlasting & immortal. Well, in this particular book, the readers can find a diverse range of themes & styles that the poet is capable of exploring. Edited by Farzana Ali, the book is divided into several sections that highlight different aspects of Dr. Sharan’s work!

Now, before going ahead let me make it very clear that this particular book is not a poetry collection title by Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha rather it is an analysis over the literary chores that she had carried out in the past many years. This title is a critical book on various aspects of Dr. Sharan’s poetry. Well, to put it simply it is a critique consisting of thoughts, responses & reactions of many eminent poets, scholars and professors. In this book, there are “17 Research Papers/Articles, Interviews & Book Reviews” that has been compiled by Dr. Farzana Ali.

The editor, Dr. Farzana Ali has retired as an Associate Professor & HoD English from Panjabrao Deshmukh Arts & Commerce College, Nagpur. She is an ex-chairman, Board of Studies. She has teaching experience of 30 years. She is a PhD guide, has authored & edited exemplary books, which have been included in multiple International Libraries including the Libraries of Oxford University, Cambridge University, University of Pennsylvania, SOAS University of London, etc. Her areas of interest include Indian Writing in English, Women Writing and Partition Literature!

Coming under the category of ‘Literary Theory, History & Criticism’ this remarkable title, “The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry” edited by Dr. Farzana Ali is a powerful collection of scholarly written papers, eloquently displaying a confident command of the poetic form that focus on her ideas and observations of life. The collection is highly intuitive, thoughtful, philosophical and creative that reveals feeling, which the poets believe to be personal but the readers recognise as their own. The incredible volume of the Myriad Hues essentially carries the echoes of Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha’s poetic journey!

Further, the book explains how Dr. Sharan’s poetry has touched every aspect of the human life be it joy, sorrow, pain, suffering, anguish, longing & even death. Through her poems, she had explored the different ideas & thoughts, which do not restrict the poetry to just one theme. In her words, we find the magic of metaphor, compactness of expression, and simplicity of meaning in a few lines. Dr. Sharan’s poetry is like an iceberg that arrests our attention to delve deep into her oceanic psyche and heart. Moreover, her poetry sheds fascinating light upon the writing process and her personal aesthetics.

Now, it is also very much noteworthy that Dr. Sharan’s poems have been translated into various foreign languages such as German, Spanish, Greek, Russian, Albanian, Persian and Polish including Hindi & Nepali languages for her work to find a global platform for the readers belonging to different cultures. Well, the manner in which this book has been composed is truly incredible and through this book, the editor has made all possible & praise worthy efforts to immortalize the literary works of Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha!

Well, there are certainly some ‘Thought Provoking’ arguments presented in this book, which is bound to kindle the interest of the readers. Moreover, the same phenomenon also makes this book of a great significance. Without even a single shred of doubt, we can come to the conclusion that this phenomenal title,“The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry”verifies the claim of Dr. Sharan being a poet par excellence, a shining star with a unique creative spirit in the domain of art. Truly, this well-crafted title carries a lot to teach to the readers and the subject matter presented by the editor is something that makes this book even more Reading Worthy.

Finally, on reaching to the overall conclusion or the verdict section for this book, let me right away say that a title like The Myriad Hues Of Ranjana Sharan’s Poetry” is for sure a MUST READ oneand deserves a chance. The book is a gem for the poetry lovers as well as for those who are interested in exploring new voices and perspectives in contemporary poetry. Through this book, Dr. Farzana Ali had made sure that Dr. Sharan’s poetry would enter into many souls & inspire generations to come & has done a great job in editing this volume. In addition, it would not be wrong to mention that the book is bound to leave a lasting impression on those readers who are looking for a deeper understanding of poetry and its significance!

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Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha

Dr. Ranjana Sharan Sinha is a poet, author and retired professor of English, S.B. City College, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur. She is a renowned contemporary Indian poet in English with many awards to her credit: she received a commendation from the former President of India, A.P.J.Abdul Kalam for her poem “Mother Nature” from her collection “Spring Zone”. Two of her poems are included in university syllabus prescribed for M.A.( English).Her recent awards are: A Citation of the Brightest Honour,2020 by Sufi International, Bangalore; Order of Shakespeare’s Medal, 2021 by Motivational Strips; Best Indian Author Award, 2021by Critic Space Journal; Independence Day Literary Honour, 2021 by Gujarat Sahitya Akademi; Rabindranath Memorial Award,2022 commissioned by MS and Dept. of Culture, Govt. of Seychelles and it’s Journal SIPAY and The Golden Heart Award by World Foundation Poetry. Her poems, short stories, articles and research papers have been widely published in prestigious dailies, magazines, e- zines, archives and journals in print and online. Her poems have found space in 40 acclaimed Anthologies like Atunis Galaktika, Our Poetry Archive, Poet, U.K; Kali Project, Indie Blu(e) Publishers, U.S.A; Inner Child Press, U.S.A; Silk Road Anthologies, Egypt and many more. She has authored and published 09 books in different genres and 50 research papers covering different subjects. The books are: 1. Spring Zone ( A Collection of Poems and Haiku 2. Midnight Sun ( A Collection of Short Stories) 3. Nature in the Poetry of William Wordsworth and Sumitra Nandan Pant ( A Critical- Comparative analysis) 4. Feminism: Times and Tides (A theoretical and historiographical commentary on Feminism) 5. Different Dimensions  (A Compilation of Research Papers presented in various national and International conferences and seminars) 6. Scents and Shadows ( A Collection of Poems) 7. Rhymes for Children ( A Collection of Nursery Rhymes) 8. The Purple Jacaranda and Other Poems ( A Collection of Poems) 9. Ek Sita Main Bhee ( A Collection of Poems in Hindi) Her poems have been translated and published into a number of languages like Greek, Persian, German, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Mexican and more. She is actively associated with many Literary organizations and Poetry groups. She is one of the editors of Our Poetry Archive. Lives in Nagpur, Maharashtra. Email : ranjanasharansinha@

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