Smart vending devices will make Rupa books available.

Readers will be able to access books through automated kiosks in India’s major cities, along with snacks and beverages, thanks to a new partnership between Rupa Publications India and a top producer of smart vending machines.
To commemorate National Book Lovers Day, Rupa Publications India and Daalchini recently launched their cooperation, “Food For Brain.”

Throughout this month-long event, Daalchini will stock more than 200 vending machines at its various sites in Noida, Gurugram, Chennai, and Bengaluru with a variety of books in the motivational, business, and fiction categories.

According to a release, the program intends to make books instantaneously and easily accessible to readers, promoting the energizing of minds at any time and location.
This is not just a cooperation, according to Prerna Kalra, CEO of Daalchini, but also a celebration of learning, literature, and intellectual sustenance.

    “This initiative perfectly aligns with our vision of creating convenient, innovative solutions to customers through our smart vending machines. We empower individuals to enrich their minds and foster a reading culture and contribute to the growth of knowledge in our society, paving the way for a more informed and enlightened future,” she added.

    Kapish Mehra, managing director of Rupa Publications India said the collaboration is aimed at “encouraging and promoting reading culture in the country, which is going to be critical if India has to become a knowledge and economic superpower”.

The announcement added, “With ‘Food For Brain’, readers and snack lovers can savor both intellectual delights and delectable treats during their vending machine experience.”

    It “recognises the significance of nurturing not just the body but also the mind. This synergy between literature and refreshments empowers individuals to feed their intellects alongside their appetites, creating a truly enriching experience for users of these vending machines”, the statement added.

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