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Dr. Jaishree Sharad is a highly accomplished cosmetic dermatologist who has made significant contributions to the field of skincare and dermatology. With over 23 years of experience, she has garnered a reputation as one of Mumbai’s leading experts in her field. Her clientele includes Bollywood stars, politicians, and cricketers, further solidifying her position as a trusted and sought-after dermatologist.

In addition to her successful clinical practice, Dr. Jaishree is also an accomplished author and speaker. She has written three books on skincare, all published by Penguin, two of which, “Skin Talks” and “Skin Rules,” were bestsellers launched by the legendary Shri Amitabh Bachchan. Her third book, titled “The Skincare Answer Book,” was launched by Ranbir Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor on April 28th, 2023. This comprehensive guide compiles answers to legitimate questions on skin and hair asked by her followers on social media. Dr. Jaishree has also been invited to speak at several TEDx events in India, sharing her expertise and insights with a wider audience.

As the founder Director of Skinfinitii Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinics in Mumbai, Dr. Jaishree has created a renowned institution dedicated to providing advanced skincare treatments. She is internationally recognized as a faculty member for various cosmetic dermatology procedures such as fillers, botox, acne scar treatments, chemical peels, and lasers. Her expertise and commitment to excellence have earned her a place on the editorial board of several prestigious journals, further contributing to the field of dermatology.

Dr. Jaishree’s expertise and contributions have garnered her numerous awards and accolades. In 2022, she was recognized as one of the women of worth for L’Oreal Paris and also received the Vogue Voice of reason award. She has also been awarded the title of “Best Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist of India” in July 2020, among many other accolades. With over 500 lectures delivered at international and national platforms, Dr. Jaishree is highly respected in the academic field. She has authored over 50 cosmetic dermatology textbook chapters and journal manuscripts, solidifying her reputation as a leading authority in the field.

Dr. Jaishree’s influence extends beyond the borders of India. She has served as a mentor for the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery’s ITMP program and was the only Indian board member of the International Society of Dermatologic Surgery from 2017 to 2022. Furthermore, she held the position of Vice President of the Cosmetic Dermatology Society of India from 2010 to 2017, contributing to the growth and development of the field.

From 2008, Dr Jaishree became a prominent figure in the magazine industry, contributing her expertise to renowned publications such as Femina. Her column quickly gained popularity, capturing the attention of readers seeking reliable skincare advice. The transparency and clarity with which she shared her knowledge resonated with readers, building trust and establishing her as a go-to expert in the field. Her commitment to never hiding knowledge ensured that her columns were not only relatable but also immensely helpful to her audience.

In 2013, Milee Ashwarya, the publisher of Penguin India, impressed by the way Dr Jaishree wrote her skin care columns,  proposed the idea of writing a book on skincare. Initially hesitant, Dr J  questioned her ability to venture into the world of writing. However, Ashwarya’s encouragement and conviction in her writing prowess convinced her to embark on this new endeavor. Drawing from her vast experience and patient anecdotes, Dr J crafted a compelling narrative that intertwined personal stories with valuable insights. Released in 2014, the book received widespread acclaim, capturing the attention of skincare enthusiasts nationwide

Emboldened by the success of her debut book, the dermatologist received another opportunity to share her expertise in 2018. This time, Gurveen Chaddha, her editor from Penguin, approached her with the proposition of writing her second book, “Skin Rules.” Building upon her earlier success, the author crafted a book that was even more relatable and accessible. Her ability to simplify complex skincare concepts allowed readers of all ages and backgrounds to grasp the fundamentals easily. The book went on to win the prestigious Crossword Popular Choice Award, solidifying her position as a respected authority in the field of dermatology

During the lockdown, Dr J saw a boom in skincare. Along with it, there was a significant rise in unqualified individuals giving unsolicited advice on skincare. As a result, many people were falling prey to potentially harmful recommendations. In light of this situation, Dr J recognized the need for legitimate skincare knowledge and decided to take action. She used her Instagram platform @drjaishreesharad to spread accurate information through live sessions and posts. These interactions served as the inspiration for her third book, wherein she compiled legitimate common questions asked by her Instagram followers and answered them in a comprehensive yet concise manner. The result was a book that allowed readers to pick and choose the topics that interested them, catering to their specific skincare needs. Its non-linear structure and inclusive approach made it a delightful read for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

This book, titled “The Skin Care Answer Book,” covers a wide range of topics, including skin types, skincare routines, specific concerns like serums, acne, hyperpigmentation, sun allergies, hair loss, anti-aging techniques, rosacea, layering of skincare products, and common skin conditions like eczema and skin infections, etc. This book is already amongst the top 3 books on amazon and seems to be heading towards being a bestseller.

One of the key reasons why Dr. Jaishree serves as an inspiration is her ability to bridge the gap between medical expertise and relatability. She possesses a rare gift of simplifying complex dermatological concepts and making them accessible to the masses. By sharing her knowledge through books, public speaking engagements, and social media platforms, she has empowered individuals to take charge of their skincare journey and make informed decisions about their well-being.

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