Launch of an electronic book collection and digital repository by Delhi University

NEW DELHI Today, June 6, the University of Delhi inaugurated the digital archive and 100th anniversary e-book collection. At today’s occasion, Vice-Chancellor Professor Yogesh Singh served as the honorary host.
A large number of deans, heads of departments, directors, and principals attended the ceremony, along with Professor Neera Agnimitra, CEO of IOE, Professor Rajeev Gupta, SCER Chairperson Professor Neeta Sehgal, DU Registrar Dr. Vikas Gupta, and Professor Neera Agnimitra, Convener of Centenary Celebrations Committee.

Professor Yogesh Singh said during the ceremony that “libraries play a very significant part in the functioning of universities. E-resources have brought about a significant change recently.

We must alter our perspectives because students today find reading e-books to be highly convenient and to enhance their reading of printed books.
Professor Yogesh Singh further stated that the university had authorised a fund of Rs 110 crore for the library’s construction and expansion. Additionally, he urged the university and college libraries to host workshops to raise awareness of these academic resources.

The Delhi University Library System (DULS) is a distributed system of resources and services extending throughout both campuses, according to Dr. Rajesh Singh, librarian at the University of Delhi. Over 17 lakh papers, including books, print publications, monographs, theses, and other materials, are contained there. There are 33 units of libraries that offer their customers access to materials and services, including major libraries, departmental libraries, and special libraries.

In order to improve the university’s digital library services, more than 83000 e-books and digital archives have been uploaded as centenary collections to DULS, which has subject collections from nine reputable publishers from around the world. Publishers like Oxford institution Press, Cambridge University Press, Bloomberg, SAGE Publishing, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Springer Nature, and Wiley Online Books have donated subject collections and digital archives to the institution.

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