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Well, if we look over the current school education system and consider the school education system of 100 years ago in parallel then we will find that there has been only moderate changes over a complete century. The basics are still the same even after a century! For instance: In the year 1922, the students were supposed to wear uniforms and go to school along with their lunches and sit to benches and desks in order to carry out in studies from what was being taught by the teachers on the black board.

Presently, it is more or less the same scenario except for some minor changes or addition in this school education system. For instance: Now, some schools have smart classes and some privileged students gets to study from screen and modern style tables & chairs are used to study. While, this is the case of those few and limited schools where mostly the students coming from families with higher income goes. Whereas, the “Majority” of the students still study exactly in the same manner as the school education system was in 1922.

Therefore, we can conclude that at least till now, not much has changed in the school education system however, is it going to be same in the next 10 years to more? Now, this is the tricky part as there is no scope that it is going to be the same, it is a truth that for 100 years things remained same. Nevertheless, in coming decade everything will rapidly change!

The year 2020 will always be remembered in the history of the humankind as the COVID-19 made us carry out all those things, which we used to consider way too futuristic. Such as the online classes via Zoom or Google Meet or any other platform that helped the teachers and students to connect in order to carry out the studies. Now, if a deadly thing like Corona Virus or Chinese Virus would not have occurred then this system of online classes would have been introduced in the present day school education system. Well, it is the truth since as soon as the world saw dip in the COVID-19 cases and things started getting back to normal then the students were asked to join the school physically in their uniforms and carry out the regular activities all in the same old manner.

Instead, the school education system should have been modified and if not more than at least the schools should have followed the hybrid method of carrying out studies, in which there would have been a mix of attending the classes physically as well as attending the online classes. However, some schools did carry this hybrid style method but that was only for a temporary time period. As soon as the cases of Chinese Virus got even fewer and the vaccines got available around the world, the school education system became the same old one.

Still it was 2020, which can be considered as a year of learning and preparing for the future. As the tech companies along with the governments around the world had started to discuss ideas of carrying out uninterrupted studies for the students even in the worse scenarios than this Covid Pandemic. So now, one can easily understand that why in the future everything is not going to be the same even if not much has changed in a century!

In the coming years, within a decade we are going to witness some major changes in the school education system, what seemed to be excessive futuristic is now going to be a matter of few years only. Yes of course, the “Online Classes” are going to be the primary mode of carrying out studies in the school education system. With the digitalization of the world, these high-tech and online systems are going to become way too cheaper in the coming years. Moreover, this will make even the normal schools adopt the high-tech systems of carrying out studies and the less privileged students too would able to become the parts of the modern education system.

As most of the inventions took place in the last 100 years so will be the case of the school education system in the coming decade. Most of the modifications and futuristic approaches are going to be reality in coming 10 years only in the school education system!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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