Elliot Page, an actor and activist novelist, explains the significance of his “ET” tattoo.

The “ET” tattoo on Elliot Page’s forearm is more than simply an attractive design; it also serves as a reminder of his profound personal journey and a source of inspiration for others. In deciding to tattoo “ET” on his body, Page demonstrates his dedication to authenticity, self-love, and the importance of visibility, all of which he recently discussed in his memoir.
“Extra-Terrestrial” is an acronym for the 1982 Steven Spielberg science fiction film ET, which stands for “Extra-Terrestrial.”

The plot centers on Elliott, a little child who finds a friendly alien being abandoned on Earth and names him E.T. Elliott conceals E.T. in his house to protect him from authorities and to him in his quest to return to his home planet, and the two develop a close and emotional attachment.

The actor’s tattoo does not, however, have any significance related to the well-known film.
Elliot Page is a well-known actor who is most recognized for his work in “Juno,” “Inception,” and the Netflix series “The Umbrella Academy.” He supports LGBTQ+ visibility and rights as well. Numerous people all around the world have been inspired by his journey to accepting his own identity, including his decision to come out as transgender in December 2020.

The “ET” tattoo on Page’s forearm has special significance in relation to his change in identity. The initials “ET” stand for his birth name Ellen and Toronto, where he was raised. This was said by Page in his biography, “Pageboy,” which was published in June 2023. Page explores his own problems, victories, and experiences in his memoir.

The placement of the tattoo on his forearm, conveniently near his wrist, stands for the idea that he is constantly developing, turning the pages of his life, and flipping through the chapters of his experiences. It represents the values he decides to live by, which now place a stronger emphasis on authenticity and self-love.

Therefore, Page’s “ET” tattoo is more than just a personal choice; it makes a message. By exhibiting her tattoo in public, Page offers support and inspiration to those who are on their own journeys of self-acceptance.

Additionally, this tattoo serves as a reminder of the significance of LGBTQ+ media representation. Better visibility and inclusiveness for all members of society have surely been made possible by Page’s candor about his identification and the visibility he has given to trans and nonbinary people.

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