Book Review Of the Book- “Immortal Warriors”

There are various awards for acknowledging the talent people have in different areas. All the awards have a history and story behind them. The bravery and valor of warriors are always recounted in the tales of the times they lived, and in the times they are written. Another such feat has been performed by the author, R. Chaitanya, who has tried to share insights on a few of such famous awards in his book, “Immortal Warriors: Based on True Stories.” The book is highly informative and written in an interesting form that serves the dual purpose of educating the readers as well as discussing issues that would make them think.

The book has been done into seven chapters in which the author has written about six different awards in detail in six separate chapters. The last chapter of the book has been written as a bibliography by the author. While these chapters enlighten the readers about different details related to the awards, they also understand the significance of each of them. The author has written about various types of awards, such as national bravery awards, Geeta Chopra awards, Sanjay Chopra awards, General Bravery awards, Bharat Bravery awards, and Bapu Gaidani awards in the book in an interesting manner. The information about these awards is significant from the knowledge point of view, and it can also be useful for users who are preparing for an examination with a specific target in mind.

Through “Immortal Warriors,” R. Chaitanya explains that the bravery awards are not just to sing the praises of anyone’s achievements, it is rather an acknowledgment of the exceptional courage that they show and have put across. Many children win the national bravery award for their wins in the fight against wild animals, terrorists, or natural disasters. Improvising and thinking quickly under circumstances that they are not even prepared for is what shows their courage, and this is acknowledged through the awards. The author has shared inspirational stories for all the awards with the right number and type of words in the book.

The author explains the special significance of every award and how it individually aims to acknowledge and encourage the receivers to continue with what they do. “Immortal Warriors” also inspires the readers to inculcate the values of courage and dignity and bring their children up with the same thought and mindset. Side by side the author also talks about the historical background of the awards and explains how they came into existence. This is like a refresher for the readers who may have some knowledge about them and may not be entirely aware of it. Not just the origin, history, and story behind the awards, the author has also written the selection procedure, the process of applying, the age limit, additional benefits, and such aspects of the award in the book in a detailed manner.

The book has a fantastic title, immortal warriors, which is interesting and creates a question in the mind of a reader as to what the book would be like. The cover of the book looks suspenseful at first glance because it is designed well with appropriate colour combinations. The title sends the readers’ minds in different directions, and they wonder what Immortal Warriors will find mentioned in R. Chaitanya’s work. It is only later revealed that the book is not about the awards but also the interdependence of the winners and awards in immortalizing each other.

The author has written about awards in lucid language because of which, even a person with average knowledge can understand the book easily. The book has a very large target audience as the author has written about important and famous awards that are in the world. “Immortal Warriors” will be highly useful for teaching the young about the significance of the awards and how they immortalize the exceptional courage shown by one person. The photographs have also been used by the author, which makes the book interesting and memorable at the same time.

The book has a lot of inspiration and knowledge for students; hence, it should be available for all the students to read and understand the depth of the role of awards and the specific names behind awards and their stories. The other attraction of the book is its language which has the zeal of patriotism and still connects with the hearts of every reader not merely from a nationalistic point of view but also from the human touch which comes from true incidents and stories. There are many awards that have always been given to various people for a variety of reasons because appreciation makes people feel proud, and the individuals who are around that person also feel good. The author has done wonderful work by writing about famous awards and their history in detail in the book.

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