Book Review: Just a Mercenary? : Notes from My Life and Career

Title: Just a Mercenary? : Notes from My Life and Career
Author: Duvvuri Subbarao 
Pages: 336
Publisher: Penguin Publisher
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Subbarao’s “Just a Mercenary?” provides readers with an engrossing look into the life of a guy
whose career spanned decades and traveled through the many terrains of India’s banking
industry and public service. From his modest beginnings as a sub-collector to his time serving
as the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, Subbarao’s story offers insight into the intricacies
of economics, development, and personal development in addition to detailing his professional

Starting with Subbarao’s early years in the Parvathipuram subdivision, the book explores how
he dealt with the harsh reality of poverty and the difficulties associated with tribal development.
His perception of India’s socioeconomic environment is shaped by this formative event, which
paves the way for his subsequent pursuits. Subbarao provides insightful commentary and
evocative tales to provide important insights into the subtleties of public service and
Subbarao takes readers on a voyage through his ascension in the civil service hierarchy as the
story goes on, emphasizing the successes and setbacks encountered along the route. He gives
a direct description of the highs and lows of his career, from overcoming bureaucratic obstacles
to taking on challenging policy topics. His analysis of the exchange rate crisis during his time as
RBI Governor, which sheds light on the complex dynamics of international economics and
India’s place in it, is especially intriguing.

“Just a Mercenary?” is unique because of Subbarao’s contemplative style. He gives readers a
unique look into the inner workings of a leader’s mind by being forthright in admitting his errors
and blunders.
His ongoing introspection about how his activities affect society gives the story
depth and elevates it above a simple account of his career accomplishments.
Fundamentally, the book is an ode to the strength of tenacity, morality, and the unwavering
pursuit of greatness. Young professionals navigating their own career paths should draw
inspiration from Subbarao’s narrative, which serves as a reminder that success is evaluated not
only by awards but also by the beneficial impact one leaves on society.

All things considered, “Just a Mercenary?” is an engaging book that blends personal narrative
with insightful teachings about public duty and leadership. Long after the last page, readers will
still be struck by Subbarao’s story, which gives them a fresh perspective on the difficulties of
governing and the value of upholding one’s morals in the face of difficulty

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