Book Review: A Garden Of Love by R. K. Victor

Title: A Garden Of Love
Author: R. K. Victor
Publisher: The Write Order
Pages: 111
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Contributing to the literary genre called poetry, this amazing title “A Garden Of Love”authored by poet R. K. Victor is undoubtedly a reflection of author’s self as happy or sad or engulfed with thoughts of the past endeavors and failures at times. Moreover, being one of the mass called humans, his work is a successful attempt in portraying the ups and downs and sunny and the cloudy days that every human comes across in life. Adding more to the beauty of this poetry collection is the essence of emotions that is portrayed by the poet in his work.

Through the ‘36 Thought Provoking Poems’ featured in this book, author-poet R. K. Victor has truly presented the readers and the poetry lovers with some emotionally awakening and thoughtful new age poetry. With his brilliant work in this poetry collection, Victor has proved that the notion of poetry occurs when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found the right set of words. Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance. Poetry is not a turning loose of emotion, but an escape from emotion; it is not the expression of personality, but an escape from personality!

Author-Poet R. K. Victor went to the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi. He also went to the Himachal Pradesh University in Shimla and he is a Net Qualifier from UGC, New Delhi too. Moreover, he has been a part of the Guest Faculty in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism in various colleges of the University Of Delhi. He has played the similar role in many other Institutes of Delhi too and in a few other State Universities of India. While, this particular title, “A Garden Of Love” is published by The Write Order and is released in November 2023. The book is available in paperback as well as in e-book format and the readers can grab a copy of this title from any of the top online marketplaces.

This soulful title, “A Garden Of Love” by author R. K. Victor is a poetic tapestry that delicately weaves through the nuances of love in its various forms. With 36 captivating poems and an epilogue, the collection is a journey through the labyrinth of human emotions, where love is both the guide and the destination. The poems, like blooming flowers in a garden, capture the spectrum of emotions associated with love. Victor’s lyrical verses display a deep understanding of the complexities of the heart, offering readers a glimpse into the beauty and fragility of human connections!

Well, the collection begins with the tender notes of newfound love, where emotions are as fresh as morning dew. The poet paints vivid images that evoke the sensory richness of love along with its warmth, its whispers, and the intoxicating fragrance of shared moments. In these verses, love is a garden in full bloom, vibrant and alive. From the tender touch of love to the thunderous roar of heartbreak, the poems resonate with authenticity and vulnerability. Undoubtedly, the readers will get to witness some deep emotions in this wonderful poetry collection. In addition, the poems in this title are a blend of topics across different themes, since the poet has composed these poems over his feelings.

Coming to the choice of the book title by the author for his work, let me mention that the author has been wise enough to go for a real ‘Catchy Title’ for his poetry collection book. The title, “A Garden Of Love” for this book of poems is certainly an appropriate one, with reference to the collection of poems added to this book by the author. A title, so unique and thought provoking simply compels you as a poetry lover to pick up this book for a read. In this case, the title is also giving a very romantic vibe, which will urge to go inside the poems and try to understand the poet’s expression of words. In addition, I must mention that the title of this book is much justified with regards to the poems in this book. Undoubtedly, it is a very apt Book Title for this wonderful book of poems!

Well, the way authorhad expressed himself with his well-versed poems in this poetry collection title, “A Garden Of Love” is something really incredible and is undoubtedly an enough reason for you to shift your focus towards his poems and give this book a chance. It is the poet, who plays the pivotal role in touching the inner cords of our emotions and making us believe and think the way their words intend to and Author-Poet, R. K. Victor had done this job in an exceptionally top-notch manner. Moreover, the author had beautifully expressed his feelings through his deep words and had given a Strong-Start to the poems; also, you can see that most of these poems had retained their flow until the very end, which gives you an immense amount of satisfaction as a poetry lover.

One of the strengths of this title lies in its diversity of poetic forms employed. From free verse to structured rhyme schemes, each poem is a unique expression, allowing the collection to appeal to a broad audience. The variety in form adds to the overall richness of the reading experience. The epilogue serves as a thoughtful reflection, inviting readers to linger in the afterglow of the poetic journey. It ties together the threads of emotion woven throughout the collection, leaving a lasting imprint on the readers’ hearts!

Finally, coming to the overall conclusion or the verdict for this book, let me right away say that a title like “A Garden Of Love” is for sure a MUST READ oneand deserves a chance. The way author had penned down his emotions and feelings through his writings will make you go deep into the poems and find out the hidden meanings of the words, used in these poems. Author R. K. Victor is a promising poet, who is very honest with his writings, which makes his compositions incredibly reading worthy.

Moreover, “A Garden Of Love” is a testament to the timeless nature of love, encapsulated in verses that are both timeless and contemporary. R. K. Victor’s poetic garden is a sanctuary for the heart, where readers can immerse themselves in the fragrance of love’s flowers and find solace in the evergreen beauty of well-crafted verses!

About the author – R. K. Victor, an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, holds educational credentials from the Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla. Additionally, he is a NET qualifier from UCC, Delhi. Leveraging his expertise, he has contributed as guest faculty in the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism across several colleges affiliated with the University of Delhi. His impact extends to numerous institutes in Delhi and select state universities across India. R. K. Victor’s commitment to the field is reflected in his multifaceted engagement in academic circles and his significant contributions to media education.

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